Submit Your Nomination for Nabil Skill Hero 2021


Nabil Skill Hero 2021 is an award to honor to an individuals who have practiced skills to equip them for life and work. This is an award given to recognize skills and the impact of an individual in the society on each category: Art & Culture, Entrepreneurship, Tourism & Hospitality, Science & Technology.

Nabil Skill Hero is part of Skill Week, a week full of competitions including essay writing, film making and Hackathon apart from workshops and awards.

Criteria for Nabil Skill Hero 2021 Award

  1. Should be a Nepali Citizen
  2. Minimum 7 years of work experience
  3. Should have demonstrated skills on the provided category.
  4. His/her work should have contributed in Skill Promotion/Skill Development.
Selection Process

The winner will be chosen through the nominations from expert source and juried through a jury panel.

Submit Your Nomination by filling this simple form here.For complete information on the award and Skill Week click Here