Startup Huddle June Edition is Here


Startup Huddle Kathmandu’s June edition is here.  The event is hosted by Clock B Business Solutions, presented by, and supported by King’s College. It is a monthly educational program that gives local startups the opportunity to share their journey and experiences through a six-minute presentation. Then the startups also engage themselves in 20 minutes of Q&A session with a room full of their peers, mentors, service providers, and potential investors.

Startup Huddle is a global initiative of Global Entrepreneurs Network which is hosted across different countries all across the world building a supportive, neutral space and welcoming culture for entrepreneurs for their growth.  The event provides an exciting opportunity for presenters as well as the participants to learn from shared experiences and find ways to support one another as a community.

The event’s activities are mainly divided into two sections. The startup huddle startup session includes the presentation and the Q&A session. Another activity is the startup dialogue which is dedicated to the discussions related to the most pressing entrepreneurial and startup ideas.

For 29th June, the speaker will be Mr. Ujjwal Shrestha, Co-founder at Art Pasa: Kala Kusha, Vedicares, and various other startups. Art Pasa: is promoting Nepalese arts and crafts while providing the marketplace and exposure for all the artists and craftsmen. The enterprise is based on the belief that every creative person is an artist. The company has been giving a platform to all aspiring and established artists, whether they are housewives, local tailors, hotel management students, entrepreneurs, or architects to promote and sell their amazing artworks in the market. Art Pasa: envisions to promote and spread Nepalese art culture in the international market and gain global attention for the artists.

Startup Huddle takes place monthly on the last Tuesday of each English calendar month. It is a free community program open to everyone who is interested and will take place virtually considering the current scenario of the pandemic on the Zoom platform.

If you are interested to join the Startup Huddle Kathmandu events you could join directly on the event day by visiting this link. 

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