Udhyami Yuva Challenge

Three Most Promising Business Ideas win the Udhyami Yuva Challenge 2020

What is Udhyami Yuva Challenge?
Udhyami Yuva Challenge is an idea pitching competition and part of International Conference on Peace Environment and Tourism 2020(PET). Enterprising youth in the age group of 18-35 yrs. can submit their business idea in the key thematic areas of peace, tourism and environment to compete with each other and showcase their enterprise to an international audience.

Selection Criteria
1.You are a Nepali resident
2.You are aged between 18-35 years old.
3.You have an original business idea implementable in Nepal
4.Your business idea is relevant to the theme of Peace, Tourism and/or Environment.

Meet our Top 15 Shortlisted Applicants for the Bootcamp

S.No Applicant Name Idea Name Idea Detail
1 Isha Dhaubhadel  Reverse Vending Machine An idea to develop machines that collect recyclable materials, mainly recyclable plastics, and aluminum cans and  dispense a coupon as an incentive to people to continue doing so. Read more here
2 Sandeep Paudel   Food Truck- On The Road An idea of a moving restaurant, a Food Truck, which will be serving vegetarian dishes to the customers made from organic vegetables sourced from local farmers. Read more over here 
3 Gunjan Ghimire Chyau.Bio Chayu.Bio, an idea to introduce environmental friendly and affordable insulation made from agriculture waste to provide better room temperature for people both in the city and village areas. Read more Here
4 Pratik Khanal Whispering Woods Whispering Woods is an idea of agro-tourism in the outskirts of Kathmandu to provide home stay facilities to the people, so that they can take a break and enjoy the nature and its beauty along with various courses, classes, and workshops. Read more here.
5 Mohan Gupta Baja Nepal An idea of an online platform to connect traditional musicians, who are skilled but unemployed, with the clients in order to conserve and preserve their talent. Read more here.
6 Sarik awale  Nepali home An idea to create a platform where locals can list their rooms as home stays where they will be connected to the community through Nepali Homes experience based packages.. Read more here
8 Sagar Gurung Everest Traveller.com An idea to offer digital TIMS and Permits by collaborating with the Department of Immigration and Nepal Tourism Board and to introduce online booking of travel guides and porters  as per traveler’s  preference. Read more here
9 Ramesh Pokhrel Harnessing the power of Energy of water current to lift the water The idea is to make a pump that can lift the water up in the hilly areas without requiring electricity designed by mixing two kinds of devices- Hydram and Rampump to solve the water scarcity problems seen in the hilly areas. Read more here.
10 Pawan Bhandari Explore Nepal An idea to create a  game that will be a visual depiction of real places and an exact portrayal of the various temples, stupas, hills, and even streets of Nepal to  promote the amazing places through incorporation of the history and secrecy behind a few events that happened there. Read more here
11 Chadani Mahat Samsara Creation An idea to ensure creative reuse and recycling of solid waste by promoting the concept of the circular economy. They will provide durable yet affordable upcycled products ensuring environmental sustainability to solve the problem of solid waste management in Kathmandu. Read more here
12 Saheb Shrestha  Doshro paila An idea to repurpose and upcycle worn shoes  to make good use of it. The shoes could be upcycled into gardening materials such as flower pots and could also be donated to the poor or recycled to be used as raw materials for other products. Read more here
13 Manisha Bhandari: Automatic Water Dispenser An idea to have a station to keep a large water dispenser where people can drink or fill any quantity of water by paying certain money for it. The water will be purified and the process will be visible to the users too. Read more here.
13 Yajaswi Rai: Leklekk:The Green Wave Leklekk: The Green Wave is an idea focusing mainly on Give and Grow.Under Give, they introduce new environment friendly products and sell those products to the hospitality and education sector with a condition that they give us back once the product has been used to full capacity. Grow is all about replenishing the source from which they get their resources. Read more here
14 Anisha Maharjan पुन:भरण पुन:भरण is all about recharging the water collected from courtyard terraces during the rainy seasons in storage tanks. The surplus water is then diverted to the manmade recharge pit to replenish underground water tables. Read more here
15 Alish Bista Maali Maali is an idea to provide an efficient rooftop farming facility using aeroponics technology Read more here.


All about the 5 day intensive bootcamp
Despite the lockdown and the challenges of adapting to the new normal, we organized a 5 day virtual bootcamp for the top 15 shortlisted participants from May 13 to May 2020 with the objectives of equipping the budding entrepreneurs  with business skills

Have a look at what this 5 day bootcamp incorporated and get a glimpse of our trainers for the sessions!

Day Day & Date Topic Trainer/Speaker Designation
Day 1 13th May,
Goal Setting: The participants were given insights on the importance of goal setting along with practical exercise where the participants set goal for the business idea Binay Devkota CEO & Founder of Clock b Business Innovations.Mr.Devkota is an entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and equity investor with a rich experience of different industrial clusters, new market identification, venture creation, and equity investment.
Entrepreneur Insight: This session was more of getting insights on how the journey of the entrepreneur looks like and what prospects and challenges they can expect in their journey ahead. Adhip Poudyal Founder & Executive Director, Kullabs. Adhip founded Kullabs with a zeal resolution of changing the education system of Nepal and creating an e-learning technology platform. His company has been awarded ICT startup Award 2016 and won the competition of Idea Studio High Flying Idea 2018.
Day 2 14th May, Thursday Business Registration: This session guided the participants on the documents, the criteria and all other legal requirements of starting a venture. Arya Singh Corporate Lawyer & Founder of Trilegal Nepal. Arya advises clients in corporate matters and has also acquired diverse experience in handling matters related to Intellectual Property, Foreign Direct Investment, Labor Law, and Family Law.
Communications: This session was about delivering a clear and concise message to the audience, the customers and other stakeholders. EvaVillardón Grande Strategy & Communication Manager at Blincventures.com. Eva is a lawyer by education, traveler by heart, and a strong advocate for environmental protection and sustainable development. Working at blincventures.com, she found her new passion for creative designing, and quickly learned elements of brand building.
Day 3 15th May, Friday Raising Investments: One of the scary steps for any  entrepreneur, this session gave insights to the entrepreneurs on bagging a desirable investment for their ventures. Nanda Kishore Mandal Founder and Director of Skill Lab & Head of Yunus Social Business Center and King’s College. Nanda has 10+ years of experience in capacity development, strategic HR management, SMEs management, consulting and end to end management of incubation processes and projects.
TenzinSonam Gonsar Founder & CEO, Team Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Tenzin is a business leader with a demonstrated history of building effective organizations. He foundeTeam Ventures, a private equity holding company with investments in diverse sectors. Tenzin has worked in Bridgewater Associated, the world’s largest hedge fund, based in Connecticut, USA.
Day 4 18th May, Monday Financial Compliances: In this session the participants went through the basic understanding and the ability to analyze the financial statements to efficiently manage their finances. Sneha Singhal Manager Corporate Affairs, BL.INC.Sneha has over 5 years of experience in developing and implementing business processes and ensuring compliance. She has a postgraduate in Finance. In her current role at BL.INC, she oversees financial performances of portfolio companies including BW2V,2 Himalayan Museum & Sustainable Park and Blincventures.com.
Human Resource: The key takeaway from the session for the participants was that the success of their venture is determined by the people in it and the skills and knowledge they bring in. Aparna Khandwala Co-founder & Partner at Yellow Spark

Solutions LLP. Aparna has 18+ years of experience in strategic human resource solutions across several diverse sectors; HR consulting, architecture, hospitality, travel, and nonprofits to name a few.

Deepam Yogi Co-founder & Partner at Yellow Spark Solutions LLP. .Deepam is an adventurer at heart, socially conscious in her gut, and professionally a strategic consultant whose strength lies in bringing resources together to provide unique and structured solutions at hand.
Day 5 19th May, Tuesday Sustainability: This session was all about the need to build a sustainable business with the key lesson that a business that does not give back to  the society and nature will have difficulty sustaining in long run. Xenia Brendun Founder & Sustainability Manager of SUMMIT International Leadership Academy. Xenia is a serial entrepreneur in outdoor tourism and education with bases in Nepal and Sweden. She founded SUMMIT International Leadership Academy, a leading provider of educational programs in the Himalayas. Care, collaboration, and quality is at the core of Xenia’s work.
Digital Marketing: In this session the participants learned about leveraging their social media platform to grow their business and reach new market segments. Sanjhi Rajgarhia
  • Co-founder & COO, Foodcloud.in. Sanjhi is a digital media expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a marketing agency that handled content marketing and digital advertising for major brands like Pearl Jet, JK Paper, and Hyatt Hotels in India. She is the winner of the “League of Iconic Entrepreneurs” award by All Ladies League, Women Economic Forum.

Along with this, 2 additional special sessions were organized for UYC participants:

Date Topic Speaker Profile
9th July, 2020 Website Building Suresh Giri Developer and Founding member of Yelko. He is specializes in web application and software architecture.
11th July, 2020 Product Pricing Sandesh Paudyal Founder of Aasha Ventures.He is qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) and MBA faculty at King’s College, Kathmandu. Mr. Paudyal worked for Biruwa Ventures. After 5 factory establishments and over 700 houses built the team has started Aasha Ventures.


Quotes from Participants

“The three key learnings for us from the boot camp are- First preparation is the key; second you need to learn how to sell and third the importance of product market fit”- Gunjan Ghimire, Chayu Bio

“All sessions were equally important and impactful for us. We learned many things from setting goals to approaching the investors, meeting the legal requirements to finding the best possible market.”- “पुन:भरण”.

“One of the key learnings for us from the bootcamp is the need to have clarity of What, Why and How of doing the business. To be specific, What are we doing? How are we doing? and Why are we doing the business? to run a successful business”- Sarik Awale, Nepali Home.

Quotes from Speakers 

Setting goals are very important for entrepreneurs. I was really surprised and impressed to see the energy level of the entrepreneurs and it was also great to know that they are taking their businesses very seriously.” – Binay Devkota

“Entrepreneurs often fail to give importance to financial management which has an impact on the future of the business and also on its valuation. So, the session was aimed to provide insights on the basic understandings of the financial statements and I had a great time interacting with such motivated entrepreneurs”- Sneha Singhal, BL.INC

Special Mention and Thanks to:

  • Former Ambassador of the US to Nepal/ED of Engage Nepal Scott H. DeLisi for the welcoming keynote to all the participants.
  • Int. VP, Global Peace Foundation, David Caparara for the encouraging key note to welcome the cohort
  • Mr. Sunil Sakya, Chairman, KGH Group for the congratulatory message and attending the bootcamp.

These participants then competed to directly bag a place in the finals, happening on October 2, 2020. For this, they worked on getting maximum likes on their Facebook videos. And based on your decision we have 3 business ideas that secured a place in the finals!!

  • Project पुन:भरण
  • Food Truck
  • Explore Nepal

The Facebook competition is over but you can still check out their videos!! Check out the videos here. 

The remaining participants went through an intensive jury round to secure a place in the finals. Jury Binay Devkota and Jury Dibesh Giri selected 5 promising business ideas for the finals:

  •  Leklekk: The Green Wave
  • Samsara Creation
  • Chyau.bio
  • Baja Nepal
  • Reverse Vending Machine

Mentors Profile

The finalists were mentored by some renowned experts to polish their business ideas and prepare themselves for the finals.

Mentors Profile
Dr Dion Klein PhD, MBA, M.Ed. Dr. Dion Klein is an Entrepreneur, Educator, Strategist, Speaker and Author. Currently working as a Senior Lecturer at Kaplan Business School, Australia teaching mainly Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and New Venture Capital Raising, he has over 30 years of experience in a variety of other disciplines like health, fitness, sport and recreation administration to name a few. He also owns a number of  companies in the areas of IT, business and marketing consulting, travel, sport, fitness, corporate health, and education and has assisted individuals, companies and not-for-profit organizations in their strategic planning, business development, marketing and fundraising strategies, and workplace wellness initiatives. He offers a plethora of experiences to draw upon to find solutions.
Elianne Oei Elianne Oei  is the Founder of Futurist Collective and Cofounder of Exponential Positive Impact Capital (EPIC). She has a decade long of experience working across countries, cultures, continents and industries on complex problems and major turnarounds, requiring organizational insight, strong analytical skills and stakeholder engagement. Having worked as a freelancer consultant, she is intensely curious about life, especially other people’s lives and experiences. She loves helping people increase their impact in the world, developing creative solutions and getting stuff done.
Vishal Rana Currently a Lecturer in Human Resource and Organizational Behavior,  an advisor and certified coach for Exponential Technologies, Vishal Rana has multiple other impactful projects he’s working on. He is actively working on two projects, an ed tech startup- for semi-automating exam marking in primary schools in India and creating a dashboard to provide real time sentimental analysis of feedback to markers in online marking. He has also ventured into some startups like Women Empowerment Academy, a benefit corporation in Kolkata, India.
Dr. Christopher Hurley Dr. Christopher Hurley is a Director of Teaching and Learning across three international schools in Shanghai, China. He also coordinates the Science programmes for a network of schools throughout China. Having a varied background, Christopher has worked in medical science, software design and development, business including import and export and entrepreneurship, AI and ML development and educational leadership. He has co-founded a company specializing in providing import and export, as well as, his own retail and wholesale operations. Other than this, he works with educating teachers and students to develop more entrepreneurial thinking and develop the soft skills needed to be successful in the world going into the future.


D-Day: Udhyami Yuva Idea Pitching Event

These 8 ideas progressed to the final pitching event. Three most promising business ideas were be announced at the end of the event. Winner and runner ups will t away seed capital of Rs. 1 lakh, Rs.50 thousand, and Rs. 25 thousand to further their ideas into ventures. 

The program kicked off at 11 AM and ended at 2 PM. Here is the schedule for the event!

Event Details  Time Slot Timing
Open meeting room for all 10:30 onwards 3 hours
Emcee opens the event with welcome note and agenda 11:00 – 11:05 5 minutes
Opening remark and a speech on:
Peace building for entrepreneurship and everyday life
11:05 – 11:15 10 minutes
Emcee introduces the jury and starts the idea pitch 11:15 – 11:20 5 minutes
First 4 Pitches  11:25 – 11:45 5 minutes each
Emcee introduces the moderator and hands over the stage 11:55 – 12:00 5 minutes
Panel Discussion on: Sustainable business post COVID-19 “ 12:00 -12:30 30 minutes
Last 4 Pitches 12:30 – 12:50 5 minutes each
Stand Up 1:10 – 1:15 5 minutes
Announcement of winner and congratulatory remarks  1:45 – 1:55 5 minutes
Closing Remark 1:55 -2:00 5 minutes

The program was attended by an international audience, aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, media representatives, and other stakeholders.


After 6 long months of hardwork and dedication while overcoming the hurdles brought in by the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown, three enterprising ideas were announced the WINNERS of Udhyami Yuva Challenge:

  • Leklekk: The Green Wave (WINNER)
  • Chyau.bio (1st Runner Up)
  • Samsara Creation (2nd Runner Up)

A huge congratulations to the winners and all the participants for their continuous effort throughout the journey of Udhyami Yuva Challenge!

For more information on Udhyami Yuva Challenge, please contact:  info@nullblincventures.com or +977-9849487084