Women Led Businesses Offering Dashain Essentials


What better way than to contribute to the women-led businesses this Dashain! It’s a win-win situation. You get your festive essentials and in turn, empower the women entrepreneurs to continue doing the work that they are doing. The following is a list of women-led businesses that are marking their place in the business industry. Shower them with love, support and more importantly, get inspired from them.

For Sustainable Clothing, Oya Initiatives

 The thrift culture is very famous in Nepal these days as people are trying to be more responsible towards the environment. Oya Initiatives is offering you a wide variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories to glam you up this Dashain. While buying from them, you are not just being sustainable but also contributing to women empowerment.

To know more about their latest drops check out their Facebook and Instagram.




Therapy to Enhance your Look with Unique Jewelry Pieces

Whether you have a modern sleek look planned for your Dashain or a traditional one, Therapy has got something to enhance your look with their jewelry pieces. They offer minimal gold-plated jewelry for a minimalistic look and also have occasion wear made with precious and semi-precious stones.

Have a look at their latest collection and find something that suits your look here.





Philia Jewels adding meaning to your jewelry

If you are the kind of person who wants to add something meaningful to their Dashain look then Philia Jewels has just got you right. Philia Jewels offer a wide range of handcrafted Nepali jewelry which is built upon the concept that has a meaning attached to it. So get yourself something more than just jewelry this Dashain for yourself and for your loved ones.

Check out their latest drop on Philia Jewels Instagram and Facebook. 




Paila Shoes; Changing your Fashion Game with Made in Nepal Shoes

Paila Shoes will help you to pace up your fashion game with a Nepali twist to it with shoes made from ‘Allo’ and ‘Dhaka’. It is a 100% Made in Nepal brand using locally sourced materials while supporting local artisans. They are an environmentally friendly brand, recycling plastics and rubbers to make soles for the shoes. In addition, they also manufacture bags.

Checkout their stylish shoes and bags to match your Dashain outfit on Facebook, and Instagram.




Reusable Masks to keep you safe by Kopila

The cases of Covid 19 have certainly lowered but the risk still prevails. So keep your masks handy to protect yourself and those around you from getting the Coronavirus. Kopila is offering reusable cloth masks in different patterns, prints and colors. Not only that but they also offer tote and makeup bags made out of satin silk and cotton.

Get the mask that matches your Dashain outfit today on Facebook and Instagram.




Sustainable gift ideas from Deego Nepal

Deego Nepal offers you with attractive products that you can gift while ensuring sustainability. They have a wide range of reusable and upcycled products like bamboo toothbrushes, Tote bags, paper pens, painting decors, pouches, travel roll-up, scrunchies, and earrings.

So, this Dashain, let’s gift our near ones responsibly with Deego Nepal. Find something suitable for everyone from their Facebook or Instagram page.




Support women empowerment while gifting with Tekka

If you are confused about what to gift your friends and family this Dashain, Tekka has got you covered as they have everything to offer starting from babies to the elderly. Tekka offers a wide range of products from baby clothes, maternity bags, cushions, mats to coats, purses, jewelry, coasters, blinds, coats, shawls, sweaters, caps and many more. All these products are made by the women of Sindhupalchowk and Tekka is helping to empower them financially and also by helping them develop some skills.

Find the products that suit your friends and family from their wide range of products on Instagram and Facebook.



Makkusé; Nepali Delicacies for Your Loved Ones

Whether it’s summer or winter, who doesn’t love Nepali desserts especially when it has a unique flavorful taste to it. Makkusé offers you pustakaris, gudpak with modern flavors of rose water, pistachio and mocha, and a variety of cookies.

Take your loved ones down the memory lane by gifting them some pustakaris and gudpak this Dashain. Shop these delicacies now here from their Facebook and Instagram.




Gift your loved ones the goodness of Kombucha with K for Kombucha

Dashain is a festival where we come together, enjoy lots of food and togetherness. The food that we eat on Dashain is flavorful but oily at the same time. To enjoy your Dashain feast without any gut problems, try Kombucha from K for Kombucha this Dashain.  Kombucha is a drink that originated in China at around 220 BC on but now is famous all over the world because of the goodness it carries as a probiotic drink. It has tons of health benefits among which preventing and healing gut problems is on top.

So, this Dashain, save some Kombucha for yourself and your family to enjoy Dashain in the most healthy way. Try out the different flavors available now on K for Kombucha’s Facebook and Instagram.


With pandemic controlling our lives till date, we have come a long way. It is a blessing for all of us to witness Dashain once again in our lives. Having said that, make sure to celebrate this Dashain responsibly. Wishing you all a very happy Dashain filled with love and togetherness from the Blinc Ventures family.