Women Leadership Conference

BlincVentures.com is organizing a Women Leadership Conference(WLC) with the vision of providing practical tools to promote more equitable representation of women leaders in our community at all career levels.

Who is this conference for? This conference is for young women passionate about their career/entrepreneurship and wanting to fast track their career trajectory along with companies who are exploring ways to retain and nurture women leaders in their business

WLC is a 2 day leadership development conference with month long mentoring and learning engagements to give platform to career focused women to educate, encourage, and inspire one another. This conference will also cater to companies who are looking for practical ways for making work place 
What will conference comprise of? 
It will host workshops, master classes, panel discussions, and case studies from experienced leaders on agendas of leadership development, reducing gender in-equality at work place and career advancement strategies. The conference will bring together over 500 women and company leaders along and create 100 mentor-mentee pairs 

What is the mentorship program? Mentorship program is a crucial component of the Women Leadership Conference wherein 100 young women professionals will avail mentors for their professional and personal growth. 

You can sign up as a mentor or a mentee by simply filling the conference registration form. Attending the conference is mandatory for availing the mentorship program