AP Technology Developing Smart Dustbins for Waste Segregation

Chetan Neupane is the founder of AP Technology, a technology development company that presented their idea of the Smart Dustbin at the Smart Urban...

Energy X: Waste Management and Renewable Energy Production Packed Into One Solution

Gaurav Adhikari and his teammates are working towards solving problems in their community, mainly through the development of renewable energy solutions. They already have...

Health at Home is the fourth dimension to Health Care

“My clients are my assets. I saw that they were facing a problem, so I devoted myself and my team of dynamic and passionate...

Sukhi is preserving Nepal’s age old skill of carpet making

In today’s world of technology and machine-made products, it is very important to keep the handmade skills alive. Working with this motto is Nasia...

Lakhey Nepal on Creating and Promoting Made in Nepal Fashion Wear

"It's been a year since I gave wings to my dreams and it has only been learning to fly,” says Erina Shrestha, the founder...

Cocina Mitho Chha is increasing both literacy and employment in Nepal

Mr. Debendra Pokhrel is the perfect example of "When there is a will there's a way". He founded Cocina Mitho Chha (कोथिना मीठो छ)...

Perfect example of idea, passion and persistence is RedMud Coffee

Milestones make you realize how far you have come in your journey, and how every intuitive decision that you made and risks that you...

Rara Biotech: Using Biotechnology to Develop Innovative Agricultural Solutions

Sumeena Karki is the CEO and Founder of the company Rara Biotech, and a role model for female scientists and entrepreneurs in Nepal. The...

Agro-Commerce, Payment Gateways and Smart Education Systems from Pathibara Technology

The founders of Pathibhara Technology have been working on multiple ideas to fulfill the gaps they observe in our society. At the Smart Urban...

Antidote Nepal solves your wardrobe problem with stylish sustainable rental clothes

Did you know that fashion generates 4% of the world's waste each year, 92 million tons, which is more than toxic e-waste? Even fascinating...