Sustainable wears that tell stories of rescued and transformed individuals 

As Mother Teresa once said, “If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at one I will”, Allison Sapkota,...

Incorporate sustainability in your skin and body care with Naturo Earth

Ankit Agrawal is an utterly optimist, experienced and conscious entrepreneur who runs an environmentally sustainable company called Naturo Earth. He started this company with...
saboo_ Nepal

Story of Saboo: by three friends who promised to start a venture together

Three friends promised to return back to Nepal to start a venture together when they parted ways for higher studies. Aakash, Dibeev and Puneet...

Deego Nepal- Helping people take small steps towards sustainability

Anjana Malla, a full time student and the co-founder of Deego Nepal has been handling both the roles like a pro with her other...

Explore Nepal through a realistic video game

A fanatic of video games, Pawan used to dream of playing games that portrayed the wide geographical ranges in Nepal and specifically, driving around...

An idea to recharge water pits with rainwater to tackle water shortage

The pilot project by Anisha, Arjun and Iraj showed that a community with 10 households in Patan has been able to conserve water worth...

Tackling the solid waste management problem in Kathmandu with Samsara Creation

Read the conversation between Blincventures.com Team and Kushal Achhami , Co-founder of Samsara Creation where he shares about his start-up and experience of attending...

A woman led startup with support from her loved ones- Mummyko Macrame

"When you are passionate, the sky is your limit” is what the journey of Mrs. Rinu​ Shakya the co-founder of Mummyko_Macrame aka Ka:...

Nepali Home to promote Nepali culture and give unique traveler experience

Sarik is a final year student of Civil Engineering at Pulchowk Campus. He has always been fascinated with the artistic & handicraft skills that’s...

An idea to create jobs for and promote traditional Nepali musicians

Mohan Gupta along with his 3 friends has an idea- Baja Nepal to provide employment to traditional musicians of Nepal.The motive is to preserve...