Learning Workshop on Functional Corporate Skills


Registration is now open for an online learning workshop on functional corporate skills. It is a completely virtual program consisting of a total of 5 sessions. The sessions will be covering various things relating to the topic.

Topic Covered

  • Need of Functional Skills
  • Spoken Skills
  • Dyadic Communication
  • Fluency and Fumbling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Management
  • Self Confidence and Many more

The session will be facilitated by Deepali Seth. She is currently pursuing her Doctoral research in Modern Indian Drama and a newer pedagogical approach. She has written various research papers, published books, and attended various International & National Conferences. Her area of interest includes Technical English Communication, Corporate Communication, Business Etiquette, Teaching & Mentoring young minds. She has been awarded the Exponent of Modern Education and a Paramount Scholar.

The event will start from the 5th of June,2021.

For more details on registration check out this link.