Your Guide to Sustainable and Local Gifting this Dashain!


The biggest festive season is around the corner with Dashain fast-approaching! And out of tons lot of things, buying gifts for friends and family is one thing that lingers our mind.


Giving gifts is all fun and exciting but the real pain is buying and finding the perfect one, especially when you have tons of options to choose from. Also, amidst the pomp and show, it’s important to not forget the things that matter too, like making conscious choices when it comes to the environment.

Here are some ideas that will help you get started for the right festive flavor, with the perfect gift for your loved ones!!

A touch of Artistry while supporting Women Empowerment 

We all have that one friend or family member who is crazy for home décor. How about surprising them this Dashain with some macramé wall decors, plant holders and hanging shelves!!

Find beautiful macramé made products at Eco Artes. They are new to the market but have surely been getting some awesome review for their products.

   Check out their products here!!

All Natural Handcrafted Nut Butters, to add some Sweetness to your relationship  

The products from Rays and Nuts is the perfect choice of gift for that friend or relative who is all about healthy and conscious living but loves to add some sweetness here and there!!

With a dozen of different products ranging from nut butters to superfood, we are sure that you will find all the flavors you are looking for and even more at Rays and Nuts!

      Find the products from Rays and Nuts here!!

Rukh Eco’s sustainable stationeries makes the perfect Eco Friendly Gifts 

Who doesn’t love a new notepad or pen  irrespective of the season? But imagine the amount of plastic waste created by something as small as a pen every day by each one of us. However, the stationeries from Rukh Eco are like Magic (literally). They grow into plants after their utility is exhausted!! Fascinating right!!

This is why it’s a perfect gift. The products are doubly twice not to mention its novelty.

   Check out their magical products here!

Dishware made out of leaves is the new classy

This Dashain, gift your friends and family an experience of sustainable lifestyle with eco friendly cutlery from Leafplus!

They offer plates, bowls  and spoons in different shapes and sizes.  The dishware are Biodegradable, Chemical free, Leakage proof, Rigid, and even Microwavable!! The versatility of these products make them a must have.

   Check out their products here!

Wide range of Eco-friendly goodies from Eco-Sathi

Eco-Sathi is a one stop shop for eco-friendly products. From Eco-Sathi travel kit made out of bamboo to handmade bags and menstrual cup, you will find majority of sustainable alternatives to help your loved one start their zero waste journey!

Eco-Sathi brings ethical sustainable alternatives to its customers at affordable prices!

Take a look at their products here!

So, this Dashain, make a conscious switch to eco-friendly, made in Nepal and create new gifting tradition!