What attendees are saying about StartUp Huddle Kathmandu?


It was not a long time ago when I personally had the chance to attend the August edition of Startup Huddle Kathmandu virtually. There is a reason why I am bringing my perspective into the picture. Because it is worth your time and attention. As someone who advocates for growth mindset and acknowledges the kind of failures that one has encountered, I definitely found this virtual event propagating this. It is an educational endeavour to learn from each other about the entrepreneurial journey and what goes behind creating the kind of business that is seen evolving across the country today. 

Before the event, I barely knew anything about the Samsara Creation except for its initiative towards a circular economy. But seeing one of the founders speak of the highs and lows and how the idea initially gave birth was a thrilling experience. It was encouraging to understand the process of turning that raw idea into a reality. More than that, being a part of a group that were empathetic and keen to learn from each other was the most heartwarming experience.


The Startup Huddle Kathmandu happens on the last Tuesday of every month on zoom due to the pandemic. The event is in a way designed to hear directly from the founders and also provides a  safe space for interaction at the end. If you are looking to network, learn and understand the different phases of managing a start-up, this is a must event to be a part of. 

The Startup Huddle for the month of September is presenting Resume Didi. It is a career service organization based in Nepal. They mainly provide services in areas of career counseling and resume writing. In present times, they have been giving virtual training and workshops to high school graduates on leadership, communication skills, and public speaking. It is in a way nurturing the future seeds of Nepal. Their values are embodied in helping the students in the right possible way through individual counseling and resume writing. So, you do not have to worry about being vulnerable.

To our excitement, we have four of the founders of Resume Didi coming together as the speakers for the event.  Ms. Akriti looks after the operational aspect. Ms. Aastha looks after the accounting and business development. Ms. Ranjana Ghimire is a teacher by profession so she helps in designing and planning curriculum and  Ms. Aliza Acharya is a  computer engineer so she looks after digital marketing, our website, SEO, and e.t.c. 

If you are interested to join the Startup Huddle Kathmandu events you could join directly on the event day by visiting this link.

You can find more about Resume Didi on Instagram via the handle @resumedidi. 

Note: The views expressed on the StartUp huddle are authentic to the experience of Tenzin Choezom who attended StartUp Huddle August edition.