Apply for the Global Startup Competition by Get In The Ring


The selection rounds are there for a reason. There is always a party that wins and the one that loses. No hard feelings. A lesson is in turn learned forever. So, why not grab the opportunity that comes your way and just give it a shot?

The Global Startup Competition endeavors to give visibility to the start-ups on a global scale by pitching and scaling their solutions that are often overlooked. It is done selectively in over 500 cities through the Get in the Ring event organized locally. Any start-up can apply via the competition page on the website. Start-ups will have to go through different selection rounds which are reviewed by expert mentors and investors. The solutions are pitched inside a ring which sets an environment for the start-ups to give their best. Once selected as the top start-up in your city, the team gets the opportunity to battle in the global final, at Global Meetup 2021. 

The Global Meetup 2021 is a three-day event that brings together all the start-up winners from the world, enriches global networks, and battles inside the ring for the Global winner title. Needless to worry, the flight tickets are all sponsored. 

In case you cannot see your city in the option, for now, there is something else in store for you. There is an open application where you can apply directly to join for the finals. 

A very exciting experience indeed. If not for winning, do it for the experience. To your delight, there is no application fee as well.