Workshop for Small Business Owner to Manage their Cashflow


SAFAL Partners is hosting SAFAL Skilling Series workshops in every 2-week targeting the small business owners and entrepreneurs. The workshop aims to provide practical knowledge to Nepali entrepreneurs that they can apply in their business immediately.

SAFAL Partners are back with SAFAL Skilling Series-4: A workshop on : How to Manage Cash Flow for Your Business. The entrepreneurs and small business owners will be able to manage the cash flow of their business post workshop.

The workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Sabin Nepal. He is a well-known Financial Literacy expert, with eight years of experience. Mr. Nepal has trained staff of Micro-finances, Co-operatives, Factories, Women-run businesses, Manufacturing companies and NGOs. He is passionate about sharing practical skills on money management with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Workshop Detail:

Date: 6 February, 2021

Time: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM (followed by lunch)

For more detail about the workshop, please visit the event here.