Nominations Open for World Monuments Watch


World Monuments Watch has opened its nomination for the year 2022. It is a two-year program launched with the aim of discovering heritage places around the world facing challenges but having direct relevance to the global society. The program also takes action on behalf of the heritage places to preserve and restore them.

The watch includes 25 heritage places from around the world which will be selected on the basis of their cultural significance, the cause for action in light of internationally pressing issues, and the potential for the World Monuments Fund to make a meaningful difference. The actions to make a change don’t only include the funds but also advocacy, planning, education, and physical interventions in the historic built environment.

The 2022 nominations are taking place amidst the uneven circumstances created by the pandemic of Covid-19. The pandemic has brought the tragic loss of lives and livelihood in the world along with the poor operations and maintenance of the heritage sites with limited resources. Covid-19 has affected tourism all across the globe which is one of the major sources of resources for most heritage sites. Besides the pandemic, there are challenges looming around the heritage places with great value. So this year the watch will be focused on these challenges too.

The World Monuments Watch 2022 nominations will be based on the clear potential to respond to the global challenges of climate change, imbalanced tourism, and the need to amplify underrepresented voices and cultural narratives. It is a great opportunity to save the monuments and the stories they carry. The last deadline for submitting the nominations is March 1, 2021.

For more information, visit the link.