Resume Didi, a career service organization helping students enhance their careers!


Deciding which profession suits you and which career path is the best can be a difficult task. A poll by Huffington Post showed that 80% of employees in their 20s want to change their careers. Why? Impulsively choosing a career due to peer pressure, family pressure and societal norms!

Resume Didi

To help you streamline the career options best suited for you based on your passion, personality, skills and knowledge is Resume Didi, a social enterprise. Resume Didi provides young high school graduates with career counselling as well as training on soft skills and employability skills. Not only this they write customized resumes for you to help you land your dream job!

Few months back we connected with Ms. Aakriti Acharya and Ms. Aastha Chaulagain, two passionate and lovely founders of Resume Didi who shared with us their vision to bring a much needed change!

Read our conversation to know more! 

How did the concept of Resume Didi come about?

Choosing a right career is always difficult, confusing and draining and I am sure I speak for most of the people, especially graduates and students when I say this. And to address this issue we started Resume Didi. The concept of career counseling was introduced some 50 year ago in Nepal but it is still missing in the academic curriculum. Career counseling through psychometric tests determines your interest, passion and also tests your ability, ensuring that the career you choose is the right one for you. Sadly this culture is not seen in Nepal but as the saying goes “better late than never”, we through Resume Didi are here to introduce this culture. 

Is there any specific reason for the name Resume Didi that you have chosen for your social enterprise?

Aakriti: Along with career counseling, our forte is resume writing too. Also, most of the time what we have been seeing is that there is always a male figure who is looked upto when help is needed and we somewhat want to change that, so we decided to add didi to our venture’s name. Further all four co-founders are female which is why we collectively decided on the name Resume Didi. 

Apart from career counselling and resume writing what other areas do you focus on?

Career counseling and Resume writing are our core services. We do focus on other areas too such as soft skills  and employability skills like leadership, public speaking, communication and so on. Currently we have been organizing a lot of workshops with experts on soft skills targeting the high school students for whom career guidance and soft skills are most important. 

In addition, as mentioned earlier, career counselling has not been adopted by the majority of schools and educational institutions here in Nepal. So, we are also working on creating awareness among these institutions regarding why career counseling is needed.

We also do an open mic program to explore the talent of all the youths on a public platform. Since we started our journey last year when we were going through the COVID crisis all our programs have been conducted virtually till date.

How are the sessions on career counselling or resume writing or soft skills conducted? Is it one on one?

Yes, we do provide one on one sessions, especially for career counselling. That way we find it more effective as every individual is different. Apart from this we organize training in groups.

Who are your allies in running Resume Didi?

Aakriti: We are a team of 6 people including four founders and four associates. I look after the operational aspect, Aastha looks after accounting and business development, Ranjana Ghimire is a teacher by profession so helps in designing and planning curriculum and  Aliza Acharya is a  computer engineer so she looks after digital marketing, our website, SEO and all that. 

Other four  associates help us with content writing, designing, and blogging. So, we have a really diverse team which no doubt has made our entrepreneurship journey wholesome.

What were the main challenges you faced when you started out and what are the challenges you are facing now?

First and foremost, making people understand the importance of counseling was and is still a challenge. When we talk to people about our service, they either think we are overseas education consultants or psychological consultants. However, we have met parents as well as students who have really appreciated what we have been doing.

Secondly, reaching out to schools has been tough because of the lockdown. Also it is quite difficult to convince them virtually. In addition, similar is the case with students and parents, because of COVID providing paid sessions has been tough with parents hesitating to pay for the sessions and students, despite their interest not showing up.

Nevertheless we are doing our best to bring change and create awareness. We recently held an open mic program where one of the students shared a beautiful poem. When her parents saw the video and her talent being appreciated, they were overjoyed and  sent us positive feedback which always encourages us to do better.

Resume Didi, pitching her business idea in EntrepreneuHER cohort
Resume Didi, pitching her business idea in EntrepreneuHER cohort

How was your experience being a part of EntrepreneuHer?

The experience was surreal. We got to learn so much. We got mentorship on pitching, starting business and understanding and sustaining startups which was really useful to us. Joining entrepreneHer allowed us to expand our horizon and look into our venture from a different perspective. We got an opportunity to network with different entrepreneurs. Overall it was a very good experience, we are really thankful to, Clock B Innovation Business and Jyoti Bikash Bank for organizing such meaningful cohorts for the startups here in Nepal.

How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far?

Aakriti: Being social entrepreneurs has been very satisfying  for us. I always used to think of what I would do in future. Now I feel like I am doing something that I am passionate about. When I see changes in the lives of people because of Resume Didi, it gives me immense happiness and further motivates me to reach out to more people, help more students, youths with my work and knowledge. Yes, there are challenges along the way but when you get an outcome of your hard work, it’s the most satisfying feeling.

Aastha: Resume Didi is one of the best things that has happened to me. I have always been good at observing people and suggesting them and working in Resume Didi, observing students, suggesting them, giving advice and helping them grow gives me inner peace, which is indescribable.

Do you have any suggestions for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Aakriti: Participate in bootcamps and startup events, it helps you develop a wide perspective of your business and also helps you get mentorship and networking opportunities. Also don’t ever give up on the work you are doing, entrepreneurship is not easy, the beginning days are full of struggles but always remember why you started and stay self-motivated. 

Aastha: Also, do not hesitate to take suggestions from people regarding your work. When you aren’t able to identify your problem or mistakes, a third person can really be helpful to help you identify the problem. This way you grow both professionally and personally!

Confused about your career, want to make an informed decision regarding your perfect career path? Resume Didi has got you covered! Check out their instagram media handle (@resumedidi) to know more about them!