Three days to plan your business with Niraj Khanal


With the lockdown being extended till April 7, what about utilizing your time at home in something productive?


We bet all of you are well aware of the necessity of having an organized business model and learning creative business ideas for business profitability and growth. In the absence of a proper and sustainable business model, having the best product or technology innovations will not yield a desirable result. Let’s utilize this quarantine time to learn more about your business and lead it to the path of success. 

Glocal After School- Academy of Employability Skills recently announced an online course, Entrepreneurial 101 where you can learn about Primary Customer Research, Market Analysis, Selection of Business Ideas, Development of Business Ideas, Estimation of Total Addressable Market Size, SWOT Analysis, Marketing, and Promotion Plans in Business, Business Idea while acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to start and improve your business.

Niraj Khanal, CEO/ Co-founder of Antarprerana will be live facilitating the course. So, it is surely an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, you get to learn Business at Home, what more can you ask!

Course Details:

Days: 31st March to 2nd April (Tuesday to Thursday)
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Registration: Apply Here  

Keep an eye on Glocal After School – Academy of Employability Skills and their Facebook page , to stay updated