BRN Summit 2021 Announced


BioScience Research Network(BRN) has announced their 2021 summit where Biology Meets Entrepreneurship. Have you ever heard of the term scientist-entrepreneur? The BRN Summit will be bringing together all the scientist-entrepreneur. Usually, these entrepreneurs are offered only two choices either continue in the university position while running the company side by side or leave the academic position for pursuing the commercialization of their discovery.

BRN Summit tries to redefine the meaning of Biology and Research by bringing in the concept of entrepreneurship every year. It is an online event open to people from all across the globe. The summit is claimed to be the first research network bringing together all the science makers, companies, startups, and students activities with unique speakers and workshops.

Tracks of the Program

  • Academic Research
  • Students Opportunities
  • Investment in Science
  • Science Entrepreneurship

The event is taking place from 19th August to 21st August.

For more details, please check this link.