Women In Nepali Economic Growth 2020 Conference is being hosted this September


SONWE is hosting a conference titled Women In Nepali Economic Growth 2020 (WINEG) in the 2nd week of September!!

The purpose of the WIN-EG conference is to bring industry leaders that can shed light on women’s involvement in economic growth, the opportunities and challenges they face, and to examine comprehensive strategies that can support women to be an active agent in Nepal’s economy.

Society of Nepali Women in Economics (SONWE) is a recently founded association that seeks to unite the voices of Nepali women in economics studies or career, provide a platform to network, collaborate and support projects and ideas, as well as inspire the next generation of Nepali girls to pursue Economics as a career.

Details of the session 

Date: 11 Sep and 12 Sep

Time: 5 PM to 8 PM

The session is divided into five sections:

Friday, 11 September, 2020

  • Opening Session: Nepali Economic Growth and Women’s Role in it
  • Session 2: Role of Women in Social Activities in Nepali Society
  • Session 3: Nepali Women in Banking and Finance

Saturday, 12 September 2020

  • Session 4: Nepali Women in Entrepreneurship
  • Session 5: Nepali Women in Policy Making and Governance
  • Closing Session: Future Scope of Women in Nepali Economics

For more information,visit Women In Nepali Economic Growth 2020 (WINEG)