This ICT company is reducing the information gap for social development!


blue-technologyTechnology has completely changed the way we live our day to day life and made it comfortable but when technology applied to solve the real world challenges like  helping schools and colleges establish instant communication with parents during bandh and political strikes of 2013 or making software that can help track waste from households to recycling facilities, it can have an exponential social impact.

Suraj Jaiswal, who leads Blue Technology has been doing exactly that. Once he completed his graduation he joined the  technology team which had just released its first software. There was no looking back for him.

How did Blue Technology start?

In 2013, Nepal  was facing a huge problem  due to bandh or strikes. There was lot of uncertainty and schools and colleges were no exceptions.  Parents had no way to know  if the  regular classes were cancelled  or if  the exams were still going to be conducted. Principal’s or school authorities had no way to communicate to parents without individually reaching out to them. Also smart phones had penetrated in all households. Shikshapatro was the first app that was developed by Blue Technology to solve the communication gap between the school and parents. Through this app the colleges could send push notifications to parents to communicate on real time basis  apart from sharing exam schedules, results and holidays. There are built-in features for sending information notices, calender’s and its also customizable.

Tell us about Blue Technology’s products/projects? 

Blue Technology has been primarily involved in making app’s and back-end software’s. We have developed two apps the first one is  Shikshaptro which I already spoke about and the second one is Kabaadi at your door step. We are working on a 3rd app called VTA. Kabaadi is designed to revolutionized the way waste is managed in Nepal. It bridges the gap between scrap dealers and households for managing waste at the source which is the household. Both dealers and households benefit from connecting with each other and the transparency that it provides.  Its been recently adopted by Lalitpur  Metropolitan City to manage its waste.

Our third app VTA will connect students seeking employment training’s to vocational training institutes and employers seeking applicants to prospective trained candidates. Its still in nascent stage but we are very excited about it.

We have  also developed a waste management software that  is being used by Blue Waste to Value to monitor and track their waste management services across their clients including companies, residential communities and offices

Our tag line is simplifying life through technology and if you evaluate each of our products  you will notice that it work as catalyst to solve a crucial social problems to simplify life, be it education or waste.

What is your team size?

We have a lean team of 3 people who are working on maintaining and developing our existing products of apps and software’s. But Blue Technology also works with a network on technology consultants and free lancers.  We are currently hiring and expanding our team as well.

What is Blue Technologies business model? How is it sustaining?

Blue Technology develops software that can help solve a social problem. Initially we received funding to develop the products in-house  however now we license our software’s  to our clients who pay us an annual fee. Shikshapatro is targeted to schools and colleges, Kabaadi to municipal corporation and the waste management software to Waste Management Companies.  We also customize these software to add branding and features as per the clients needs.

We are currently scaling up and are interested to work with more social enterprises, individuals or NGOs who are solving critical problems for Nepal and  need customized solutions.

On that note, what is your take on role of technology for  social businesses?

Technology is no more a good to have asset. Businesses need more than excel sheets to collect and examine data for taking right decisions. Social Enterprises are no exceptions. Technology helps businesses improve efficiency, manage projects and track progress. So technology is very essential for each and every business if they want to sustain and grow.

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