17 Co-working spaces in Nepal


The shared working spaces have certainly blown up over the past few years across the globe.  Nepal too has seen a significant increase in the number of coworking spaces, especially in Kathmandu. And why wouldn’t they, with all the advantages they bring to the budding entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers!

The coworking spaces offer like-minded individuals a sense of community; a place to learn from others; and valuable networking potential. They are all about collaboration and community.

We have prepared a list of top coworking spaces in Kathmandu and a few outside valley to make things easy for you to find your dream coworking space.

  1. Rem.Work: With a wide selection of spaces, cost-effectiveness and flexible packages,Rem.work has been  in business for 1 year now with more than 5 drop in locations and private offices. It’s a perfect choice for individuals and teams looking for a private space to set up their office.  They have a wide range of selection from hotels and coworking spaces.
    Facebook: @rem.workofficial|
    Instagram: @rem.workofficial
    Email: info@nullrem.work
    Contact Number: 9808379357
  2. Regus: Regus, the world’s largest provider of workspaces launched its first business centre in Trade Tower Nepal in November 2020 with business-ready office space, meeting rooms and a walk-in business lounge, all available on flexible terms from a day to a year. Work along like-minded professionals in their vibrant coworking space.
    Facebook :@Regus
    Contact Number: 980-1208383
  3. Sustainability Lab: Sustainability Lab is a co-working and a learning space situated in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood of Bansbari, Kathmandu. All the furniture, bricks, walls, windows, doors, decorations and even floorings are either recycled or upcycled. If you are looking for a sustainable coworking space then this might be the perfect option for you!
    Membership Fees:Starting at Npr 3600/month
    Facebook: @BansLab
    Contact Number: 9860897903 / 9841830741
  4. Bikalpa Art Center: Located in Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Bikalpa Art Center provides a nice surrounding for people to work  with an outdoor terrace and lounge to relax. This coworking space contains essential work equipment like  printer, scanner, photocopier with free parking. The place is ideal for startups related to IT Development, Designers and Digital Nomads.
    Instagram: @bikalpa_art_center
    Facebook: @bikalpaartcenter
  5. Work Around Nepal:With 4 out of 5 stars in coworker.com, Work Around is one of the popular coworking spaces in Kathmandu.It is located in Jayabageshwori Marg, Kathmandu. It provides its service for just 250 rupees a day with working hours starting from 9 AM and ending at 6 PM.
    Membership Fees: Nrs 250 per day | Nrs 1300 per week | Nrs 4500 per month
    Phone : 984-1527550
    Facebook: @workaroundnepal
  6. Lindu: Lindu is the first  in-hostel coworking station situated in the heart of the city at Wander Thirst Backpackers Hostel in Thamel inspired by nomads. This place is dedicated to all travelers looking for a place where they can still feel part of their adventure but work at the same time. In addition, you can also use all the areas offered in the hostel as the activity zone which includes a fireplace, sports area, chilling area, sunbathing area, steam room to name a few.
    Membership Fees: Nrs 200 per day| Nrs 1300 per week | Nrs 4000 per month
    Website: https://wanderthirsthostels.com
    Facebook: @wanderthirsthostels
    Contact Number: 01-4384434
    Gmail: hello@nullwanderthirsthostels.com
  7. Adda:Adda is a new coworking space for designers, architects, business owners, startups, freelancers, digital nomads, and anyone looking for a great working space. Located in Patan Dhoka, Adda’s fee starts from 500 rupees a day. It has an outdoor terrace and lounge to relax with free drinking water and coffee.
    Membership fees: Nrs 500 per day| Nrs 2500 per week | Nrs 7500 per month
  8. Nepal Communitere:Nepal Communitere is an open and inclusive innovation hub for bold innovators and creative changemakers. Along with a vibrant community resource center, training lab and a courtyard space, they also offer affordable coworking space with hot desks or private office spaces based on your personal needs and your work style that will optimize your productivity.Moreover, it is located in the prime area, Pulchowk.
    Membership fee:For 3 to 4 people NRP.12000 per month
    Facebook: @NepalCommunitere
    Email: aarati@nullcommunitere.org
  9. Oojam:Oojam is a complete alternative office solution for start-up, a small business, and any business requiring virtual office solutions like Architects, Lawyers, Representative Offices to name a few.  Located in Kupondole, Patan, Oojam provides Private Rooms, Meeting Room, Conference Room with Media Facility, Business Lounge, Dedicated Reception, Smoking Area, Tea, Coffee, Printer, High Speed Internet, Air-con in all space, Dart To play and SOLAR BACK UP for electricity.
    Membership fee: Nrs 10000 per month| Nrs 8500 rupees per month for a year subscription.
    Contact Number:: 9802079922
    Facebook: @ojamaos
    Email: info@nulloojamaos.com
  10. Innovation Hive: Located in the heart of Pulchowk and housed  at  M&S Tower, Innovation Hive is a business center that aims to provide the worthiest working spaces with the perfect ecosystem for business owners, digital nomads, corporate companies and other miscellaneous individuals to work and thrive in a diverse and synergistic co-working setting.With the tagline “Working Independently, Together”, Innovation Hive has been a home for startups like Falful and venture capital firms like NEXT Venture Corp. Contact Number: +977 9810043123
  11. Pesalaya Nepal: With an area of 4500 square feet, Pesalaya Nepal is really popular among start-ups, digital marketers and freelancers. With prices starting at NPR 500 for hot desk and open seat planning,Pesalaya Nepal is located 113 Lamju Galli, Kathmandu 100 meter from New Baneshwor Chowk.
    Contact Number: 9803812300
    Facebook: @pesalayanepa
    Email: pesalayanepal@nullgmail.com
  12. Kausimaa: Set on an airy terrace, Kausimaa Co-working Space offers affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or coffee shop. With a quiet, green open space, minimalist shared seating, steady WiFi, essential work logistics, and a mini library, this is an ideal space for freelancers, students, readers, and creative minds. Opened by Nepal returned Hong Kong citizen Tenzing Bantawa, Kausimaa is situated at the end of the path between the TVS Showroom and Arshiya boutique, near Jwagal Chowk, Kupondole.
    Membership fee: Full-Day: 250 Rupees | 7 Day Pass 1500 Rupees| 30 Day Pass 5500 Rupees
  13. Haushala Creatives:Founded in 2016,  Haushala Creatives workspace gives women and girls a place to launch a startup, expand their business, or develop a project by working with women from different backgrounds.
    With long communal tables, two private meeting rooms, a kitchen, strong wifi and backup power, this coworking space is a great option for energetic minds to produce more and more of their creativity into their works.
    Membership fees: NRP 150 per day
    Facebook: @HaushalaCoWork
    Contact Number:981-8662960
    Gmail:   haushala.creatives@nullgmail.com
  14. Saedi Works: Located in Tinkune , Saedi Works is dedicated to those enthusiastic individuals who can connect to work on ideas together and also unwind in a playful environment. Their individual working spaces vary from sitting on high tables or creating their own workspace by using our motivational space full of creative people.
    Website: https://www.coworker.com/nepal/lalitpur/saedi-works
    Facebook: @saediworks
    Gmail: info@nullsaediworks.com
  15. The Nineties:With the various types of membership plans to choose from, The Nineties is a tech company that started offering coworking spaces in July 2020.As they are starting up their journey in this co-working space field, they are offering an opening discount.
    Membership Fees: Nrp.400 per day
    Website: https://thenineties.tech/coworking-space-work-place/
    Contact Number: 9841734318, 9841984688
  16. Gyan Hub:Located in one of the most beautiful places of Nepal, Pokhara GyanHub is an initiative platform that provides you the coworking services starting from 8 AM to 7 PM 6 days a week. It also has an outdoor terrace and lounge to set a perfect tone for you to relax with a beautiful view of breathtaking majestic mountains.
    Membership Fees: Nrs 350 per day | Nrs 1200 per week | Nrs 5000 per month Phone : +977-9856038508
    Facebook: @gyanhubpkr
    Gmail: gyanhubpkr@nullgmail.com
  17. Khozinfo:Khozinfo is a leading IT company in Butwal sharing a working space for aspirants, Start-Ups, Freelancers, Bloggers, Vloggers and anyone who posses energy to do something great. It is one of the few co working spaces available outside Kathmandu valley.
    Membership fees:   Nrs 300 per day | Nrs 1000 per week | Nrs 3000 per month

Have you used the service of any of the coworking spaces mentioned above? How was your experience?

Also, if you know other coworking spaces that you want us to include in the list then hit us  up on our Facebook or at info@nullblincventures.com, we would love to hear from you!