Social Enterprise SPRING MEET Kathmandu happening Online


Social Enterprise SPRING MEET in Kathmandu is happening online on 15th May 2021. BBB Dhorpatan Mountainbike & Adventures community social enterprise’s parent group ‘UnitedNETWORK for Social Entrepreneurship’ hosts the SPRING MEET event

Social Enterprise SPRING MEET in Kathmandu aims to bring social enterprises based or working in Nepal, academics, media, and other stakeholders together for networking, sharing best practices, knowledge, and work towards building a national social enterprise industry alliance in Nepal.

The key takeaways of the session are:

  • Keynote speech on innovation and creating social changes
  • Presentation by selected social enterprises
  • Social Industry enterprise alliance building in Nepali decisions

Professor Ute Stephan at King’s College London is the keynote speaker for the SPRING MEET 2021 conference.

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