“Revive” Your Old Clothes


revivePushpa Sthapit, who always wanted to play a part to solve the plethora of problems existing in our country and Rajan Chakradhar, who inherited the entrepreneurship aspect from his family plastic factory but realized the missing social aspect from it, set out on a mission to work for the great good of the society. This duo of entrepreneurship students under MBA at Kings College came up with “Revive” to achieve this mission. Read more to know more about their idea.

Tell us about your business idea.

The idea came up during brainstorming session for a class project. It was also inspired by my mom who always made something new like chair covers, pillow covers, and other DIYs with old clothes. We started our research on google and YouTube and started making a few samples by collecting clothes from friends and families to build some networks. The objective of this idea is to upcycle, recycle or reuse old clothes especially focusing our customers own clothes to make new products and sell those in the market at a reasonable price which would otherwise have been dumped in the landfill. We also want to convert the used clothes into thread and into cotton which is a very wanted product these days.

What social problem are you trying to solve with your business?

We are trying to solve the social problem of land pollution caused by dumping of unwanted clothes by converting it to make new products. We will provide people money in exchange for their old clothes which is a win-win for both.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

One major challenge is the taboo regarding the use of old clothes in our country. So, some people refuse to accept our product because they are made up of old clothes. Another problem would be getting the skilled workforce needed for our business.

How will you utilize the fund if you win Yunus Social Business Challenge 2018?

If we win Yunus Social Business Challenge, our priority would be training the victims of earthquake and the people who are seeking work for their basic sustainability. We’d help to achieve tailoring skills, provide some sewing machines and even marketing if necessary.

Interested in knowing more about Revive? You can write to them at pushpasthapit@nullgmail.com or check them out them on their Facebook profile.