Titepati Tea-Towards a Healthier Lifestyle


titepati-teaMugwort, also known as “Tite-pati” found in the Hilly region of Nepal holds a lot of medicinal implication. With the objective to utilize the medicinal qualities of Titepati and the desire to have their own venture, Sushin Shrestha, Sushmita Sen, Sushant Chaudhary, and Ankit Mishra came up with the idea of “Titepati Tea”. Read more as we uncover the story of Titepati Tea and their team.

Tell us about your business idea.

This was a simple business idea we thought of for a college project but we saw business potential and decided to take this further as we have always wanted to do something on our own anyway. After our research we found that Titepati can work as a digestive stimulant, uterine stimulant, deworming, and boost the immune system. Basically, we need to cultivate the Titepati plant and process it to make tea leaves that can be consumed directly. After the business picks up, we will also expand to make titepati oil.

What social problems are you trying to address with your business?

People who use allopathic medicine often complain about the side effects and price of those medicines. With our product, we want to promote inexpensive natural and healthy lifestyle. Of course, employment opportunities to farmers and low skilled employees is another factor we want to focus on.

Do you foresee any challenges for your business?

I think getting people to trust our product will be a major challenge because people are often skeptical about herbal and allopathic medicine.

Have you thought of any strategies to tackle those challenges?

I think being as transparent as possible by providing detailed booklets of the elements used for our product can help instil that trust among our customer.

If you win the Yunus Social Business Challenge 2018, what will you use the seed fund for?

Our product requires huge amount of Titepati and machinery for drying and processing the raw materials. So, that’s where we will use the seed fund.

You can reach Sushmita Sen at sushmitariyasen643@nullgmail.com