Collateral Free Loans for SMEs



One to Watch (OTW) is calling applications for the COVID-19 MSME Fund Nepal. The fund will be providing uncollateralized and interest-free loans to different micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The scheme also comes with customized business development consulting services for helping businesses to navigate through the crisis generated by Covid-19.

The program has been launched by One to Watch in partnership with NMB Bank Ltd, Laxmi Bank, and Nabil Bank. They have already reached a third of its goal by providing loans to 33 micro, small and medium scale businesses. Whereas the customized business development services have been helping businesses to improve their managerial and operational capacities. One to Watch is expecting to help 4 out of every 10 approved loans with their business development support.

The opportunity is open until the goal of reaching 100 approvals in the loan is reached.

Apply now! and get a loan to make your business reach another level of success.