Vacancy Open for Coordinator at MIN


Mathematics Initiatives in Nepal (MIN) aims to make learning resources and opportunities accessible to students regardless of gender, geographic regions, or socioeconomic factors and provide a common platform for students to engage in mathematics.

Requirements: completed SEE and enrolled in grade 11/12 or higher. Gap year preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Working with department heads to manage human resources, track progress, and manage department database.
  • The team of coordinators will be responsible to keep track of MIN’s connections, events, and sessions.
  • Additional responsibilities will be highlighted during the orientation.

Additional Perks

  • Connections with professionals who are continuously engaged in non-profit work and video editing/graphics designing.
  • Part of one of the brightest and most active youth communities.
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • MIN Skill training and US college application guidance.
  • Membership Cards
  • Many more benefits that we will let you know in secret

If you are interested, please fill up the form here.

For more details bout the company, Visit Mathematics Initiative in Nepal.