Suiro Teas, A Blend of Tea and Herbs that Reinstates the Teachings from Ayurveda

Shrisha Pradhananga, Founder of Suiro Teas

Due to societal pressure, Shrisha Pradhananga went abroad to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. During her time there, she realized she wanted to make a difference by doing something creative and innovative. To gain some perspective, she went to the remote parts of Upper Dolpa for almost a year as an English Teacher through Snow Yak Foundation (SYF). There, she got acquainted with an amchi (Buddhist lama who practices Traditional Tibetan Medicine), who introduced her to the art of making herbal remedies with the use of local herbs.

Botany has always been in her blood, and Tea has always been her forte. She has been using the profound knowledge of Ayurveda and mixing that with the ancient Chinese technique of drinking Tea to enhance the Health & Well-being of the drinkers of Suiro Teas. Equipped with the ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Certification, she plans to make a positive change in her field of work and community. 

Read our conversation with Mrs. Pradhananga to know more about her venture. 

What is the inspiration behind the name of your business?

Suiro Teas (pronounced: Swee-Row Teas) means the youngest bud of the tea plant- yet contains the most volatile oils, making it the rarest part of the Tea Plant. Metaphorically, it reflects our freshness and our authenticity. Our focus is primarily on the Nepali Community, which is why we took on a local name. 

Can you tell us more about your Production Process?

All of our raw materials come from within Nepal. We get our Teas from Ilam and Dhankuta. Herbs come from all three regions of Nepal: Himalayan, Hilly, and Terai, based on the different seasons. After all the materials are collected, the Art of Tea Blending takes place. The Tea Master and Tea Tasters test each batch to check their consistency and quality. They are tested and approved by our Senior Botanist. 

This way, each batch gets packaged in Hand-Painted Kraft Paper Pouches- made of unbleached Pine Fibers and renewable PLA Plastic. That is how the production takes place at Suiro.

What are your Three Tea Blends?

Beauty Blend which focuses on our Body. It work on detoxification of stomach and hepatic cells. Hence, leaving you with beautiful and radiant skin! 

Next is Clarity Tea which focuses on Mind. It relaxes the mind and calms erratic thoughts and behaviors!

Last but not least we have Uplift Tea which focuses on Spirit. It works on rejuvenation of the spirit, which helps provide energy and vitality throughout the day!

Three varieties of Tea from Suiro Teas

Who are your allies in running the business? 

We work closely with Dr. Kamal Krishna Joshi and Dr. Sanu Devi Joshi, authors of “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Used in Nepal, Tibet, and Trans-Himalayan Region.” Our mentors include Biologist Dr. Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha, Phytochemist Dr. Timila Shrestha, and Cardiologist Dr. Sashi Acharya. 

Our knowledge of Tea has been enhanced by Tea Specialist- Hong Mei. And our Certified Tea Master from Yunnan Province, China- Shana Zhang, under whom we obtained the ITA Certified Tea Sommelier Certification.

What were the main challenges in starting this venture?

Before COVID, we had a Tea Room. The situation supported us to change our concept entirely. It was challenging to reinvent, but we were determined to reach our consumers at the convenience of their locality. 

How do you deal with competition?

I firmly believe competition helps build a supportive industry. The core goal is to transform the community’s mindset towards Healthy Living. Different enterprises working towards the same goal help bring the vision to fruition faster. 

Where can the consumers find your product?

We are actively engaging with our consumers through our Instagram @suiro.teas! Connect with us there to hear what we have to say and buy our Teas!

Also, The Local Project is a great option to locate our products.  

What are your plans for this enterprise?

We have already started the scientific research on our Teas. We are conducting animal-free experiments to test our products for their benefits and organic chemical constituents. Besides this, more Tea Blends are currently in the making by our Tea Masters. You will also be seeing our Website go live soon, new and fresh Blogs on Tea, and also our Youtube channel is taking a new turn! 

How has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

With freedom of decision-making, comes self-discipline and management. All my actions now are guided by my dedication to taking Suiro Teas forward. I have to work hard and overcome my weaknesses. The more I have experienced, the clearer I see where I need to be heading. 

Is there any suggestion you would like to give to other emerging entrepreneurs?

When we initiate a business, it is similar to making a foundation of a house. It takes a lot of resources, helping hands and consistency to build a strong foundation. This process tests our patience and inner strength. However, having a belief in your ability will take you further in this journey. From my experience, staying dedicated to your idea can help you overcome ANY obstacle. 

Want to achieve harmony of the Mind, Body, and Soul during these unprecedented times? 

Try Suiro Teas now! 

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Interviewed and Article by Shreeya Bhattarai