Tinybits Innovation Centre is trying to bring creativity to the education space


Starting out as a workshop to teach website building at the young age of 15, Swornim Shrestha has come a long way to put together a team of 8 people to run Tinybits Innovation Centre. A place where students can make and break things to learn. He is supported by his team Aakriti Ghale, Dipak Thapa, Ganesh Chaulagain, Miraj Shrestha, Pranish Shrestha, Sunita Shrestha and  Sushant Shrestha. Learn more about this organization that wants to bring a change in the education system.

  1. How did the idea Tinybits Foundation came in to being?

We started out with a simple workshop to create websites for students who were as young as 10 years which received great response. But we had to discontinue it due to our exams.  We realized that many students were keenly interested in computer skills that were not taught in classrooms and had to resume conducting workshops again. This is how Tinybits Foundation started.  We also conduct other activities like working with differently abled people and environment conservation.

  1. Tell us about about your product /services that you pitched for Social Business Challenge 2018?

We have pitched for Tinybits Innovation Center which is a centre for like-minded people to come and explore innovative ideas. It has books and electronic components on a single table which is called as a destruction table where we can destroy the electronic material and examine its working process. We also organize different types of events related to robotics. It is a place where students can come and learn something new. We approached various schools and made a center called Chautara at Sindhupalchowk.

We are now planning to operate the classes in schools thrice a month and focus on developing our curriculum.

  1. What challenges did you face with your business Idea?

Our first challenge was that students have to waste lots of time to reach our center and return back home. However we are going to start with delivering our programs in school itself. It is also very hard to fund our work. Currently we are working on volunteering basis and incurring loss.

  1. How will you sustain your organization?

We are working on developing a plan for sustaining our work. There are around 2900 students around Sindhupalchowk. We will send a team member to schools and collect Rs. 10 per student per class. Since the class will be thrice a month we can collect Rs. 30 once a month from a student. This will be our revenue to sustain our business

  1. What social problem are you trying to solve?

We are basically trying to transform the education system. We have our own mantra i.e. “Educating by making”. Learning is a joyful process when done with a hands-on approach. Rather than following the hardcoded solution that they learn in classroom we would like the students to ideate their own solutions. This approach will help change the mind-set of the students.

  1. If you win Yunus Social Business Challenge 2018, what will you do with the fund?

We will first buy required tools and rent a room for our office. We are also in a plan to double the number of innovation center. The  seed fund would really help us in upgrading our business.

Want to learn more about Tinybits Innovation Centre? Click here for their Facebook Page and here for website. You can also write to them on swornim00@tinybitsfoundation.org.