First Locally made Safety Booth tackle COVID-19 in Nepal!



Nepal now has its safety booth! Robotics Association of Nepal Farwest has invented the first locally made safety booth within 3 days in collaboration with the Kaicho Group and National Innovation Center and distributed it to Seti Regional Hospital free of cost on April 7, 2020. 

“We have developed this booth in a way that makes it easy for our hospitals and health workers to use it and it is also made using local resources”- Robotics Association of Nepal Far West.

The booth consists of an exhaust fan to ensure supply of oxygen to the health worker, a night light to ensuring testing can be done in night time too, a magnet glass cleaner, an audio system to communicate with the patients and a hanger to hang the thermal gun. This both is expected to reduce the use of PPE while at the same time ensure the safety of health workers by eliminating direct contact with the patients.  

Kudos to the team for such a great invention in the time of crisis!