D- Prize announced for Poverty Alleviation


No matter how much we advance in technology, poverty has been the biggest challenge. The world has already invented products and services that can help end poverty but still, millions of people still don’t have access to it and live in poverty. If you can design a business of NGO that can solve one of the distribution challenges, then apply for D-prize now.

The challenges are in the field of health access, clean water, education, agriculture, livelihoods, energy, public services, and custom. The most promising teams will be awarded $20,000 USD to launch the pilot version of the new organization wherever extreme poverty exists with a goal to serve millions in the years ahead.

The competition is highly encouraging new entrepreneurs to take up the challenge and present new fresh ideas. The evaluation will be done in three rounds. The regular submission deadline is on June 6, 2021, whereas the extended deadline is on June 27 for a limited 200 people who register.

For more details check their official website.