Content Writing as a Lucrative Career in Post COVID World


Many parts of the country have imposed lockdown as the Covid cases are rising day by day. But this lockdown can open doors to many opportunities for learning. Make sure you learn at least one new skill that might be useful for you in your career and life.

Glocal After School has announced their new course titled Content Writing as a Lucrative Career. The scope of content writing has increased tremendously aftermath the Covid-19 pandemic. With remote work highly in fashion because of the risks imposed by the virus the demand for creative and analytical content writers is at an all-time high. The trainer for the course will be Mr. Kushal Pokharel who is an independent researcher also an editor and media writer.

What you’ll learn?

  • Cardinal principles of content writing
  • Types of content & opportunities for beginning a content writing career
  • Media & Blog Writing, Copywriting, Social Media & Email Writing Skills
  • Ways to overcome the challenges of writing with guided feedback and mentoring beyond the training duration
  • Enable participants to produce a draft article that can be published in media, blogs, or any other companies’ website.

The course will start on 2nd May and will end on 5th May.

For more information check their official website.

If interested then register yourself now, here.