International Webinar on Youth Social Enterprise in Peace Building!


Global Peace And Development Service Alliance in joint partnership with Global Peace Foundation, Global Peace Women, and IGEN brings to you 1st series of Global Peace Development Service Alliance, YOUTH SOCIAL ENTERPRISE IN PEACE-BUILDING!

The Global Peace and Development Service Alliance (GPDSA) actively works on promoting the collective global efforts replicating the best practices and raising the voices of local and regional volunteering service for better impact on critical issues and challenges of promoting global peace and sustainable environment. They advance innovative public-private and civil society partnerships to scale up for achieving the SDG Goals by 2030, based on one community model at a time through the act of service and youth social entrepreneurship.

Through these efforts, they are committing to finds innovative ideas and models of the projects, initiatives or programs that can be scaled up locally or regionally for greater results furthering metrics of one or more Sustainable Development Goals.

Let’s explore it together in this series of peacebuilding to promote the youth social enterprise mechanism as a tool to build sustainable peace.

The forum will be held virtual through the Zoom Webinar on November 24, 2020 at 8:00 PM (Bangkok Time).

The webinar will also have a panel discussion. The panelists for the session includes:

  • Ms. Thryza Dow, CEO, BlincVentures, Nepal.
  • Mr. Leonard Faustino, Youth Director, Global Youth Summit, Philippines.
  • Ms. Chanchana Minnamwong, Chief Coordinator, IGEN Thailand
  • Ms. Gail Hambleton, Peacebuilding Coordinator, Global Peace Foundation, USA.

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