Minimizing Chemicals, Unfair Pricing, and Intermediaries with Your Agriculture Products


Anjana Shyama, Sapana Twayana, and Sanzay Byanju all coming from farmers’ family grew up seeing the hardships that their parents as farmers went through. With this firsthand experience of adversity, this group of three wanted to commercialize agricultural products in a way that would benefit consumers as well as farmers.  So, they came up with the idea of Your Agriculture Product (YAP) to promote vegetables with minimum use of pesticides at affordable cost. We, at Blinc ventures had a chat with this group to know the story behind their idea.

How did you come up with the concept for “Your Agriculture Product”?

Sapna and Sanzay had gone to a youth entrepreneurship camp where they discussed possible ideas for disintermediation and economic upliftment of the farmers. We come from a farmer’s family. I have seen my family work up to 16 – 17 hours on some days and 8-10 hours a day regularly for cash crops. However, when it comes to reaping the benefits, intermediaries earn more than us, farmers. So, we wanted to get rid of the intermediaries and prevent farmers from being exploited. We also wanted consumers to have healthier and chemical free vegetables.  That’s what led up to the concept.

How did you initiate your idea?

We started out by telling the stories of challenges and hardships faced by our family and selling our own products. After that, many people wanted to see our farm and two of them who are now our regular customer, even visited us. Since we are cultivating in our own land, we ask our parents to minimize the use of pesticides and always use compost manure.

How do you make your products organic?

Technically they are not organic. We don’t use artificial nutrients, vitamins and proteins to make the product weightier. It is very challenging to be completely organic in a country like Nepal where almost every land and water is polluted but we try to minimize the use of chemicals like pesticide.

What kinds of vegetables are you producing?

For now, we are focused on seasonal vegetables because the climate is best suited for those products and no extra chemicals are needed as they get it naturally. Sapna and I produce seasonal vegetables like Cucumber, Beans, Bitter gourds, Cauliflower and Sanjay produces rice.

Have you faced any challenges so far?

We want to sell to small vendors but right now, we don’t have the resources to deliver our products. So, some customers directly contact us and buy in bulk for their household use.  We were approached by a online vegetable seller for bulk order so we will soon start selling to them. Transportation is challenge for now but if they can come pick it up, we have the products.

What social problem are you trying to address with your start up?

Reducing middlemen, reducing chemicals, and fair price to both parties are our priorities. We also want to modernize the agriculture system in terms of technology because most of the farmers still rely on traditional system for farming as they can’t afford it.

Interested in knowing more about Your Agricultural Product? You can write to them at or check them out them on their Facebook profile.