Yei Local for exciting and holistic e-learning experience in COVID-19


Yei Local is an online e-learning platform The start-up was conceptualised to be an online platform to market local  products. However, after seeing an opportunity in Lock-down due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Sweta Pandey, Founder of Yei Local, launched her online e-learning platform- Yei Local….

In Business Post lock-down Series Sweta has shared about the process that she went through to launch her start-up , her geographically dispersed team, and how she keeps up her spirit and motivation to run her business in these uncertain times! Watch the full episode here.

Yei Local is the largest platform for kids and adults to share and to acquire relevant knowledge. “The online platform was started as a means to provide Mathematics class for kids, then we started providing music and language classes, after which we moved on to providing courses for adults,” Sweta Pandey shared with us.

Furthermore,by being more than just being an academic platform, the online platform is blurring geographical, social and curriculum- enforced boundaries on learning. It is an exciting, holistic place for kids as well as adults to learn about : Science, Make-up and Magic and other in-demand professional courses.

For instance, Sweta shares that Yei Local is going to launch the “Biggest online carnival” for kids starting from 27th August. “In this carnival, kids aged 7-14 will have a chance to learn magic tricks from International Magicians,  learn drama and dialogue delivery from actor – Abhishek Subedi, as well as cool science experiments!”

Moreover, adult courses offered by Yei Local include professional courses which include lessons on Excel, Mobile Repair, C++ , and Java . Similarly, there are several other free and paid courses for adults including lessons on : fitness, make-up, language and music.

Apart from being an innovative platform that is promoting logical, creative and skill- based education, the company recognises not every kid in Nepal can access quality education in Nepal due social immobility. Hence, the socially responsible start-up is teaching underprivileged kids from Tanhaun for free of cost.

To lean more about Yei Local and to access the courses that they are providing , check their official website :