World’s Largest Remote Work Conference on May


After being struck by the deadly Coronavirus which has taken millions of lives around the world we have been accepting the new normal of wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and social distancing. Remote work has been one of the measures adopted by organizations and companies to keep things rolling during the pandemic. Running Remote have announced their Remote Work Conference on 21st May 2021 and have claimed it to be the world’s largest remote work conference.

The event is expecting 2500 attendees from 60 countries around the world. The conference is well divided into 22 sessions to cover most of the aspects relating to remote work among 50 speakers. The conference has been crafted carefully to teach different strategies and tactics for utilizing, managing, and growing remote teams. Different traditional and hybrid models of remote work will also be discussed in the event.

If you want to get the best out of your team working remotely then register yourself now, here.

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