Workshop on Product Packaging and Branding


Opportunities never stop for those who thrive for more. As we are seeing a very harsh impact of the Covid-19 in our country and going through a lockdown there are different virtual workshops, trainings, seminars being conducted. Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Nepal Women Chamber are jointly organizing a workshop on Product Packaging and Branding. Branding and Packaging are vital components of a competitive product, especially in the global market where packaging is often the major differentiating factor between one product and the next.

The Branding and Packaging Workshop was developed to address some of the weaknesses in regional product development and product presentation. The event is aimed at startups and businesses to help them scale-up and make productive use of the lockdown by learning something new.

The session will be delivered by Mrs. Sushmita Thapa who has wide experience in the field of packaging and branding. In the session, she will also be sharing her ideas and experiences that can help in upscaling their business through packaging and branding.

Considering the current situation of the pandemic and lockdown it is a virtual session absolutely free of cost. The event will take place on 14th May from 2:30 to 4:30 PM.

If you are interested then register yourself at this link.

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