Tackling women safety through technology



Women safety is a global concern and Nepal is no exception. Aditya Raj however decided to take matters in his own hands by creating an app that give women more control to fight an unsafe situation. Aditya Raj, an engineer in electronic and communication background with his team of 7 people developed an app to help women contact the police at the tap of a button. Explore the backstory of women safety app through this conversation with the founder.

  1. Tell us about your business idea and what is the your current status?

Our application is called Women Security app which tries to minimize violence against women. Through this app, any woman can reach out to the nearest police station using her phone. This will get her help immediately.

Government has now started a campaign called “Beti Bachau, Beti Padhau”. We thought that this would be a right time to approach them. When we contacted them, they asked us to give a presentation and which was well received and we  signed a contract with them to implement it.

Through our app, women in need can locate the nearby police and call them. The police can also trace the victimized women’s place through geo-location and follow her. Currently we need internet access but we are trying to convince government to make it an offline system as well. We are in conversation with NTC and NCELL and both have are showed positive response because it also comes under their Corporate Social Responsibility.

  1. Tell us how the application works?

Women security app protects the women from being victimized. It is an easy way for women to register their complain within 30 seconds. We have added categories and sub- categories for the type of violence. It also records the number of cases registered, solved and the information about the particular case proceeding in a timeline. You can also see* the number of cases solved by a particular police through the app.  The comment section enables people to write comments about the treatment they received from the police while dealing with their complaint.

  1. What is the revenue model for your product?

Since this is a public service app it is targeted towards the government. Infact we have received initial funding from them. They will have to renew the contract annually or they can buy the product from us. Nevertheless, for the growth and development of the app they will have to hire us.

  1. What challenges did you face with this project?

The challenges we faced was during the implementation of the project because it cannot be done alone being a public service. Although we approached the police and they provided positive response to the application, the application needed to be publicly informed.

  1. If you win Yunus Social Business Challenge, where would you use the seed fund?

If we win this challenge, we will use the seed fund in research and development to make our app better. This will help us reach more women.

You can reach Aditya Raj at adi77076@nullgmail.com.