WHPedia- Connecting Home Tutors and Students


Whpedia founder Mr. Bijay Sharma, pursuing his graduate level from Tri Chandra College, provides home tutions to students of various levels. Ashes Timsina, who completed his graduate level from Finland with an IT background, is involved in IOM and also works as a part time teacher. Both of them are proud to be part of the academia.

  1. Tell us about your business idea.

In the initial phase while pursuing my graduate level I started providing home tutions for the students to generate my pocket money. Similarly, there were lots of students and teachers interested in providing tutions as a part time job. I felt that teachers are the main person who change the life of students. In my experience, students can improve  their academic performance through tutions because tuitions enable them to express difficulties and learn solutions which is not always possible in regular classrooms. For this reason, I came up with the idea of an application – Whpedia. Whpedia helps students and teachers to come together on the same platform with complete details. We target students from school to post graduate levels. Most of our students are from S.E.E. and they depend on us during the examination season.

There is no alternative platform like Whpedia. The environment we provide helps to level up the performance of the students.

Ashes says- Bijay has been working as a tutor for long but had some difficulty in building a website for Whpedia where my IT background helped. Therefore, our combination was best for us to start this venture. We are now adding the mentor’s qualifications to the data system which we will incorporate in our website in later stage.  This will help the students to choose the teacher easily.

Our future plan is to provide tutions even in extra – curricular activities.

  1. What other social impact are you trying to address with your business plan?

One objective is making students comfortable with the teachers. We are also providing part time job opportunities to the students who are pursuing their graduate or post graduate level and are potential mentors or teachers. We are providing them a platform to share their knowledge. Also, other jobs reduce their focus on studies, but sharing education through tutions will help them gain more knowledge and enhance their focus. Moreso, other students get right tutors as per their need.

We are also planning to add volunteer teachers on our platform who can teach extra classes in government schools where students do not get the quality education.

We are also planning to ensure that the teachers provided by our platform are well behaved and on time. We will provide teachers the orientation on working with students and support them in following the basic principle of being a teacher.

  1. How do you reach the tutors?

We personally connect and reach tutors through family and friend circles. Further, tutors also register directly through our website. We are also trying to promote our application to reach new tutors.

  1. What are the challenges you faced while implementing the business?

There are a lot of challenges, the first being the fees. There are many immigrants who are pay only for schools and find it difficult to pay for tutions. Also, while the teachers are educated, some of them do not have the right skills to teach.

Also not everyone uses our website and so we have to manually add the data since many contacts are referred through our facebook page. Also, getting payments is a challenge since we have to collect it door to door.

  1. How do you sustain yourself?

We get 15% of tution fee from the teachers as a revenue. We are happy that the teachers are content with our charges since we provide them the orientation program. We also have a paid up capital to depend on when in need of money.

  1. If you win Yunus Social Business Challenge, where will you use the seed fund?

We will use it towards the operations which is required in adding the volunteers, and also to buy materials such as markers, dusters, boards for the tutors.  Our plan is also to expand our business outside Kathmandu valley because there is demand from Pokhara and Biratnagar. We will also contribute some of the money to needy students to buy books since I have been involved in this work too. We will also use the money to expand and develop our application further.

Want to learn more about Whpedia? Click here for their Facebook Page and here for website. You can also write to them on bijaysharma240@nullgmail.com.