Webinar on Introduction to Entrepreneurship


UCL Innovation and Enterprise is conducting an online webinar that will be exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur. It is a free one-day course that will be helping individuals to find out if entrepreneurship is their piece of cake or not.

The course will cover topics relating to the basic terminologies used in the entrepreneurship world and what’s involved in starting a business or a social enterprise. Not only that but the one-day free course will also be helping you to develop professional skills that you can apply for your career.

The course is designed for students, employees, and recent graduates new to the world of entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcomes

Relating to Entrepreneurship

  • the basic terminology of entrepreneurship
  • the processes associated with entrepreneurship
  • how to use various frameworks and models for starting a business
  • how to take a customer-led approach to entrepreneurship
  • if entrepreneurship is a possible career route for you

 General Learnings

  • take calculated risks and pivot ideas if they don’t work
  • work effectively within a team
  • analyze and evaluate data in a team setting
  • think critically and solve problems creatively within the context of an entrepreneurship challenge
  • apply various simulated entrepreneurship models

The event will take place on 6th December 2021. For more details please visit their official website.