Online Video Sharing Competition on DIGITAL LEARNING in NEPAL!!


 DELTA, IOE Purwanchal Campus and Youth for Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture – YCSA, IAAS-Paklihawa Campus with Program host Scholars Space, an online learning platform and Amoeba Technology, a startup company for digitization, together are organizing an open video sharing competition on “DIGITAL LEARNING IN NEPAL: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions”.

In this competition, young innovators around the nation will pitch idea, challenges and their solution in the designated title along with the importance of modern online education in Nepal based on facts and stats with their own vision in similar niche.

You can present your video idea through any video format ie. animation, white board, headshot, slide presentation and so on but remember the video duration is max 10 minutes.

Benefits to the participants

  • Get an opportunity to work with a team already working in similar niche, to get deep research and information for further materializing the vision into social impact.
  • They will get exposure to new ideas and opportunities and mentorship.

Judgement process

  • Idea will be checked and analyzed by different professionals involved in entrepreneurship in Nepal.
  • Analysis will be done based on: vision, creativity, content, presentation and effectiveness.
  • Video will be uploaded in the page of both DELTA, IOE Purwanchal Campus and Youth for Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture – YCSA
  • The point will be calculated as 1 reaction= 1 point per page. 50% decision from Judges and 50% decision from post react.

What will the winner receive?

  • Online certification of participation.
  • Winning cash Prize : Rs. 4000/-
  • Public Choice cash Prize: Rs. 2000/-
  • Flutter training (Complete Package by Code-IT)
  • Mentorship upon the vision.

Details of the competition 

Theme: DIGITAL LEARNING IN NEPAL: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

Deadline for Submission:June 13, 2020

Submit the video at

Registration Form: Register Here

For more information, visit Ideaton