UNLEASH Hack Nepal Against Impact of Climate Change


The current pandemic has certainly raised health concerns but also is worrying from the climatic and sustainability factor. The Unleash Hack Nepal has been announced to fight Nepal’s vulnerability to climate change. Climate change is increasing day by day which has put millions of Nepalese at risk from its impact. Climate change has brought many adverse effects in Nepal like reducing agricultural production and food security.

The UNLEASH Nepal Hack will address multidimensional aspects of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are SDG 2: Zero Hunger and SDG 12: Climate action. The main idea behind the hack is to focus specifically on improving food and nutrition security and strengthening the climate resilience of vulnerable populations.

The Hack takes place on two dates of 17th and 24th July. Teams are expected to advance their ideas in between the two-day Hack days by reaching out to relevant community members, At the end of the Hack, each team will deliver a 3 minutes pitch. The most promising solutions will receive funds upto USD 900 to grow their ideas further.

The submission deadline is on July 5.

For more details, check this link.


You can email them at unleashhacksnepal@nullgmail.com