Register for TWT Session 4: Set up your e-commerce shop for online business


Register yourself for a Training with Trailblazers training session FOUR! 

The limited online version of Training with Trailblazers is back and this time we have co-founder and developer of Yelko Mr. Sarfaraz Mohammad who is going to conduct a training session to enable you to set up your e-commerce shop for online business.

While the Nepali economy was slowly adapting to e-commerce, the trend has just been accelerated by the crisis. This can be evidently seen in policy levels as the central bank is pushing financial institutions to encourage online transactions among its customers, through some start-ups who are accepting payments for essential services only via digital payment gateways, and through the growing number of webinars and online discussions taking place in social media platforms circling around: how IT industry will be the biggest winner of the crisis.

One thing, we know for sure is e-commerce is the future and many traditional brick and mortar businesses are ready to go online. To ease this transition brings to you the fourth training session of Training with Trailblazers. If you are considering setting up your online business, but feel that you lack the know-how then REGISTER yourself for training with trailblazer Sarfaraz.

What will be the key takeaway of this training session?
If you are a founder, work as a core team member for a start-up company, or aspire to be an e-commerce entrepreneur. Here are some key takeaways that you will attain post attending this session of Training with Trailblazers.

  •  Setting up your website & Accounts 
  •  Domain & Hosting
  • Store set-up & Management
  • Payment Gateways & Integration
  • Inventory and orders

Session Details:
Trainer: Mr. Sarfaraz Mohammad (Co-founder and Developer at Yelko)
Date: 3rd of May, Sunday
Time: 2:30 PM onwards
Location: Zoom
Fee:  xxxx ( ** ???? ?? ??????? ???? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ??????? ???? ??????? ???? ????-????.)
To keep this session interactive and we have limited participation to 15 deserving applicants.
You can also catch the training session live on Facebook page.**

It turns out that COVID-19 disruption has pushed businesses to harness the power of Information Technology and the web to move forward in this digital age. Join in the online movement, START by registering yourself for TWT.