Get yourself ready for training with trailblazers


Do you identify yourself as an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you sometimes wish to develop actionable skills to make effective business decisions? Are you looking for cost-effective, lean training programs for start-ups to improve your start-up’s business efficiency?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then Training with Trailblazers is a program designed just for you!


What is training with trailblazers?

It is an entrepreneurship training program designed to provide founders/co-founders of start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with actionable, measurable and pragmatic entrepreneurial knowledge and tools to assist entrepreneurs in developing key skills, expertise and tangible tools to improve their managerial and business performance. At an affordable cost!

Through this program, participants will also have an opportunity to network with experts/fellow entrepreneurs and find community, collaborations as well as an alliance in people who face similar challenges in the course of running their start-up. 

The training program will be implemented twice a month for six months starting from 7th March 2020. 

Each session will host an industry expert as the facilitator of a training program that will cater to 11 participants. 

Each session will have key deliverables/outputs that can be practically implemented by entrepreneurs to improve their business performance. 

The small training group would ensure personalized attention and hence deeper learning. The program would also incorporate evaluation processes through post-training feedback to measure the effectiveness of the training.

  • Founder/ Co-founder of a start-up who is facing specific strategic or operational challenges but has limited resources to hire experts or implement solutions. 
  • Budding entrepreneurs seeking to adopt vocational skills for business development. 
  • Students seeking praticable entrepreneurial skills.

After interviewing more than 200+ start-ups we realized that start-ups in Nepal face similar problems that can be categorized in topics given below. Through training with trailblazers, we seek to provide entrepreneurs with handy tools to deal with their challenges. Although they are subject to change as per the expectations of our participants some tentative themes that will be covered are as follows:

  • Harnessing tools of digital marketing
  • Public speaking 
  • Running valuation of your start-up
  • Understanding the investor’s perspective on investing in start-up
  • Optimally leveraging your start-up capital
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Taxation
  • Setting up your firm
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Understanding labor law
  • Team Building
  • Branding
  • Impact Measurement


1. How can I apply for the program?
Entrepreneurs can sign up for training programs by paying nominal fees of Rs 250 for each training session.         

2. What would the training cost cover?
You will receive a 1.5hr to 2 hrs session on a specific topic along with a refreshing beverage at the training venue. 

3. Can you conduct training on a topic that is not mentioned on the list?
We are open to suggestions and would be delighted to hear about areas that can be covered in the training program.

4. What benefits do the trainees get from the program?
Each training session will cover a specific topic in detail. Since it would be an intimate group of 11-12 participants we are expecting that the trainer would be able to provide personalized attention and answer specific queries.

5. How long will each training last?
Each training would be for 1.5 hrs – 2.5 hours including Q&A from participants.

6. Can participants engage with the trainer post the sessions? will not be taking commitments for professional advice/support beyond the training program. Though we will be sharing the email ID of the trainers, post-training engagement is completely at the discretion of the trainer.

7. Is it compulsory to commit to all 12 training sessions?
Not at all, you can enroll for any training session depending on your needs and requirements. You have the freedom to join any of the sessions or all of the sessions.

8. Will I get a receipt for payments?
Yes. You will get a receipt from

9. Can you give a discount or waive of my fee?
The fee is nominal and equivalent to the price of coffee in a cafe. It is an investment in gathering knowledge and techniques. We believe it’s an affordable price for any individual who is committed to his journey of entrepreneurship.

Your query is not covered in the FAQ? No worries. Drop an email to