Online course on understanding Sustainability for a better future post COVID-19


All of us have been praying for the crisis to end and are eagerly waiting to go back to normal. But the question is Should we really go back to normal after all this? Is it a viable option? How can we contribute to create/demand a better future for ourselves and everyone around us?

To address these issues, Himalayan Climate Initiative is organizing a three-day online course where you will get an in-depth understanding of these issues as well as learn about Sustainability in general, post lock down.

After this three-day course, you will gain insights on:

  • Why sustainability is the most pressing issue that humanity is facing and why it matters the most to our generation.
  • How unsustainable Human behavior is the root cause of Crisis like COVID-19 and other crises
  • Why do some groups of people suffer more compared to others during any crisis?
    Creating a better future: How you can play a role in it.

Details of the course

Course Dates= 5th May – 7th May

Time= 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm (2.5 hours each day)

Fees= Rs. 1000/- (The amount should be deposited by 4th May to secure your place in the course)

Registration: Apply Here

Course Instructors: Shilshila Acharya: CEO, Himalayan Climate Initiative
Sushil Khadka: Serial Entreprenuer

Course Moderator: Hardik Subedi

Guest Speakers: Dr. Ghana Shyam Gurung, Country Director, WWF Nepal
Ms. Malvika Subba, CEO of Idea Studio, Board of Directors – HCI.

For any queries related to the course, contact 980-181-9077


For more information, visit HCI