TFF Global Summit of Rome in Nepal


Global food challenges have been raging all across the globe raising the problem of food insecurity. Thought For Food (TFF) is a food and agriculture entrepreneurial innovation engine committed to securing a better food future with ideas from young innovators of more than 175 countries.

The global The World Forum (TWF) in collaboration with the Thought For Food (TFF) is hosting the TFF Global Summit 2021 as the main stage event for the TFF Challenge. The TFF Challenge is a yearly competition catered to bringing successful innovations within the agri-food systems. The summit will be physically hosted in Rome at the UN FAO’s World Food Forum and will be virtually streamed in over 195+ countries. It will mainly feature the top 10 finalist teams from  150+ countries where they will showcase and pitch their start-up ideas, visions, and innovations as an extension of the TFF Challenge. 

To feed our excitement and enthusiasm, the TFF Nepal will be doing an adaptation of the same event at the Kathmandu College of Management. The event is supported by Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), Sarawagi Group and NASO and endeavors to bring together a group of Nepal youths to learn from the TFF Global Summit. The streaming will happen at 6 p.m. at KCM in the company of the aspiring youths/entrepreneurs who are the future change-makers. 

Venue: Kathmandu College of Management

Date and Time: October 2, 2021| 6 p.m NPT

Duration of the event: 6 hours

For registration details, visit this link.