techWebinar Series-34 to talk on Okay Journey App Platform


techWebinar is again back with series 34 with the powerful talk on Okay Journey App Platform.

Techwebinar is an online session that aims for building a strong online technical community to develop the nation and within the people. The webinar calls the speakers to share insights among the community to support technological development.

This techWebinar Series-34 will be an insightful talk with Mr Rajesh Das, CEO & Co-Founder of Okay Journey Pvt Ltd where he will speak about the vision and technology behind Okay Journey.

Agenda of the session:

  • Talk about the launch of okay Journey: With the vision of centralizing and digitizing the transportation system as well as providing a common platform for Operators and Passengers, we have launched the Okay Journey app and the Okay Operator app.
  • Talk about the vision behind Okay Operator app: to give a digital platform to all of the counters holding people so that the online don’t remove their job, they easily serve the passenger and they feel secure in terms of the future. And the vision behind Okay Journey is to make the passenger journey easy in terms of reaching their destination.

Speaker of Session:

  • Rajesh Das, CEO & Co-Founder of Okay Journey Pvt Ltd

Session Detail:

  • Date: 10th October 2021
  • Day and Time: Sunday at 7:00 PM NPT

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While the festive season is approaching, there is going to be a big huddle in managing the ticket to travel to home town. This session might help you to know about the okay journey and use the platform for your travel journey.

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