Taxation and Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs


Taxation ad financial literacy are both very important knowledge for entrepreneurs to have as this can help them to organize their finances easily. Handling taxes and managing finances can too be a big hassle when not done the right way. Hence, RSTCA Management Consulting Firm along with some partners has announced Taxation and Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs.

The conference will be covering different topics relating to the tax system of Nepal like indirect tax, direct tax, and VAT. The event will also be highlighting on different types of software used in accounting and how they can be operated. Financial Planning is another part that will be covered in the training.  The training will be guiding entrepreneurs on starting a company, making a chart of accounts, ledgers, cost centre, recording vouchers, reconciling a voucher, making trial balances, and many more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get practical knowledge on taxation and financial literacy.

Date of the Event: August 7

Timing of the Event: 9 AM TO 5 PM

Ticket Pricing: NPR 1000+ VAT Per Person

For more details, check out this link.

You can book your seats by filling up the form here.