Sustainable Waste Management Vol 2: REUSE with Ojaswi Baidya!


Non-degradable waste management in Nepal has been a challenge for over a decade. The current practice of the illegal dumping of non-degradable waste on the river banks has created a serious environmental and public health problem.The goal of sustainable waste management is to reduce the number of natural resources consumed, confirm that any materials that are taken from nature are reused as many times as possible and that the waste created is kept to a minimum.

Change starts from you and your home.So, individuals from each home can take up the responsibility to upcycle or reuse non-degradable waste to reduce the consumption of raw materials and proper management of those resources.

To ensure this Rotaract club of Yala has taken this initiative to generate awareness regarding how one can efficiently reduce waste starting from our own homes.

The session will be facilitated by Ms. Ojaswi Baidya, Cofounder of Tyre Treasures. The training will demonstrate upcycling and reusing non-degradable waste such as bottles, cans, etc. as a decor to reduce the consumption of raw materials and proper management of these resources.

Event Details:

Program: Sustainable Waste Management Vol II: REUSE

Date: 29th August 2020

Time: 1:30 p.m. onwards Via Google Meet

Registration:Register Here

Things to bring for the interactive session:

  • Any kind of plastic container,
  • Acrylic paint or any kind of paint, and paint brush,
  • Fevicol squeezy glue bottle,
  • Old wool yarn/thin jute rope,
  • Whatever material you have that you think you can make use of.

For any queries contact 9843807260 or check out the Facebook page of Rotaract CLub of Yala here!