Live Session on Sustainability by HCI


Though Sustainability is the most important issue of our times, and the only way forward, we have failed to take the needed steps to ensure that, especially during and after the COVID crisis.

HCI is hosting a live discussion session to talk about the many Dilemmas surrounding this area, with Best Nepali experts representing different sectors.

The discussions will be streamed live on Youtube Channel: Finding Sustainable Solutions & FB pages HCI, WWF Nepal and The Generation Green.

The session will answer following questions.

  • How do we ensure Economic Development while we also protect our environment and ensure its benefits to everyone?
  • How do we sustainably feed and employ everyone while we ensure good health and healthcare for everyone?
  • What can be the role of youths, businesses and society as a whole to take Nepal on a Sustainable Development path?

Details of the session 

Date: June 11 to June 13

Time: 4 PM to 5:30 PM

Theme for June 11: Role of Business and Society

Theme for June 12: Food Agriculture and Public Health

Theme for June 13: Sustainable Growth and Conservation

For more details, visit HCI