Sustainability course for small and medium ventures!


Atharva Centre for Sustainable Enterprises and Economic Development (ACSEED) is a Think Tank established under “Atharva Initiations Pvt.Ltd”. For the past three and a half years, Atharva’s work and accomplishments have impacted over 3000 lives directly.

With the ongoing pandemic, sustainability has been a question for small and medium ventures. Creating access to sustainability for learners, students, entrepreneurs and working officials, ACSEED has created a specific course for ventures, with resources directly from experts of the industry.

The theme for the course is “Building new sustainable ventures and bringing sustainability in existing ventures”

The objectives of the course are:
1) To introduce and acknowledge the concept of Sustainability in small ventures,
2) To decrease the number of ventures who have failed to survive a crisis,
3) To make expert advice and mentorship accessible for small ventures and aspiring professionals,
4) To illustrate extensively the idea of UNDP’s sustainable development goals and how a business or an organization can implement it,
6) To promote the culture of working and learning remotely.

The chapters for the session includes:
1)Introduction to Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals and what Sustainability means in Ventures.
2) Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance
3) Creating a sustainable venture with regards to its “Dos and Dont’s”
4) Managing and surviving a crisis
5)Reviewing the case study, Consulting and solving the problems regarding the creation and management of a sustainable venture
6) Keynote Speaker session on developing enterprises and sustaining them.

Benefits to participants:
1) Certificates with the signature of the mentors and logo of our partner organizations.
2) One to One mentorship opportunity with a mentor (Available upon special request).
3) Platform to pitch your own ideas and ventures.
4) Acceleration opportunity for your venture (Available only if your venture or idea is accepted for the acceleration by our team).
5) Priority on our upcoming courses and projects.
6) Details and curriculum of our upcoming courses.

Details of the course

Class size: 25-30
Class duration: 1-2 hour a session for 6 days (8 hours in total)

Registration fees: Nrs 1000/- for Nepali applicants
INR 1000/- for Indian applicants
$15 for Non-Nepali and Non-Indian applicants (Payment guidelines and methods will be directed once an applicant gets accepted.)
Registration Deadline: 19th August 2020

Registration: Register Here

Event Timing: August 25-31, 2020

Platform: Zoom Video Communications

For more information, visit IME Pay presents Building Sustainable Ventures