Submit your Application to TLC 2019


You can now submit your application for The Liveability Challenge (TLC). The theme for TLC includes two criteria viz. energy and circular economy.

For the Energy, Renewable energy has never been cheaper, yet 2018 will be a record year for carbon emissions, underscoring the urgency of scaling up technology and business models for a low-carbon revolution in the energy sector to stop climate change.

The solution for Energy includes:

  • Compact energy storage for dense city centres
  • Decentralised, renewable, and zero-carbon electricity generation
  • More efficient materials for use in renewable energy generation
  • Technology to improve energy efficiency

The Liveability Challenge is looking for solutions that will enable cities in the tropics, such as Singapore, to drastically reduce the carbon emissions produced by a city’s energy and electricity consumption. For the Circular Economy,Production and consumption under the ‘take-make-waste’ model of the modern economy rely heavily on virgin natural resources extracted from the Earth, giving rise to pollution and enormous amounts of waste. Entries under this track of The Liveability Challenge must be able to create high economic or social value out of existing waste streams or demonstrate full circularity.

The solution for Circular Economy includes:

  • New materials made from renewable sources
  • Sharing economy or new business models that promote modularity, repairability and product lifespan extension
  • Closed-loop business models/technologies that manage and minimise waste.


• Up to S$1 million in funding
• An opportunity to run a prestigious fundraising campaign of up to S$500,000 on FundedHere
• A mentorship opportunity provided by Circular Economy Club
• A spot in GoMassive’s incubator programme
• A mentorship opportunity with GoImpact


• Must have proof of concept.
• At least Technology Readiness Level 6.
• Must be applicable to Singapore and urban environments in the tropics

Click on the provided link for detail information.