Resources Available to Help Startups Restart their Business


With the current pandemic and almost 3 months of long lockdown in Nepal and across the globe, small businesses and startups are struggling to find relief. Even though businesses have started to open here in Nepal, it is quite obvious that the startups and SMEs will have a tough time restarting and getting back to the grind.

So, to ease things out to some extent, we have prepared a list of resources that are currently available for startups to restart their businesses and get it running. 

Free coworking space by DOKO DELI

Renting out a space to get your business operation going is not easy, especially when the cash flows have been in a declining trend and even  negative! But Kudos to Team Doko Deli for their initiative of providing their restaurant space to the startups as coworking space, that too free of cost. So, if you are looking for a space around Jhamsikhel, then this is going to be a lot of help for you.

To know more about this, check out our article on Doko Deli.

Funding by Xceltrip and Goyal Group

Are you a tech company facing a cash crunch? Here is an opportunity that might help you get out of it!! Gyanendra Khadka, founder of XcelTrip and Gyapu Marketplace is providing $20,000 funding to innovative and deserving tech based startups. 

Know more about this here. 

Similarly, Goyal Group, with the motive of promoting the initiatives and ideas of entrepreneurs, has initiated a project called Together for Nepal, where they will be funding all the ideas and initiation working towards tackling the problems brought in by Covid-19. 

Know about the application process here.

Free Legal Services by Mero Adda

Starting your own business can be a lot of work and figuring out what legal aspects are involved can be overwhelming. To help you out in the process, Mero Adda has come up with free legal consultations services via phone and email  to all SMEs in Nepal. 

Know about what services you can get here

Liquidity Diagnostic Program by Kriti Capital

Kriti Capital’s KRITI-LIQUIDITY DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM has been launched with the objective of helping businesses, startups and entrepreneurs facing cash crunch in the present time of crisis where the businesses have been shut for almost 2 months. 

Check out the article to know how it can help you handle your cash crunch!

Find your Angel Investor with Antarprerana

Antarprerana is one of the well known names in the startup ecosystem. It has been actively involved in helping start-ups grow through mentorship and coaching, special events like boot-camps, networking events, workshops, incubation and so on. Along with this it can also help you find your seed fund provider and angel investor. 

Visit their website to know more!

Get the needed exposure with Biruwa Advisors

Biruwa Advisors has been helping entrepreneurs and startups grow through their advisory services and mentorship programs. Currently they are giving priority to ventures that are already in operation as well as to those that are in an idea stage. 

Visit their website to get top-notch mentoring!

Free Counseling Services 

A recent study by the University of San Francisco researcher Michael A. Freeman found that approximately 49% of entrepreneurs suffer from at least one form of mental health condition during their lifetimes. And things are much more complicated in the present time when the world is going through a global crisis. So, to help people stay mentally healthy, a group of professional psycho-social counselors and psychotherapists have initiated an online counseling program. 

To know more about the program, check out our article here. 

These are some of the resources we have compiled for all you great humans creating an impact! Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any kind of help. 

Team is always available to help you in every way possible!

Article by Trishna Shakya