Skill Enablers : Leadership Development Program for Professionals


Skill Lab is an initiative to improve the self-employment outcomes of the Next Generation Nepalese youths by reducing the academia-industry gap by collaborating with Nepali Academic Institutions and Corporate. This year, Skill Lab has collaborated with Boston International College, Chitwan to focus on Skilling, Re-Skilling & Up-Skilling Next Generation Nepalis in order to:

– reduce educated unemployment in the country by helping students become self-employed or employed with companies.
– train the industry professional through renowned industry experts on various skills for their continuous personal and professional growth and development
– support the students learning inside colleges and universities, and help them transition into the job market with prior preparation.

Expectation from the participants:
– Contribute back towards a holistic development.
– Transfer knowledge gained with the Next Generation Nepalis in Skilling, Re-Skilling & Up-Skilling through Guest Speaking, Mentorship, and other various forms.

Few potential training:
1. Story Telling & Public Speaking
2. Mentoring & Coaching
3. Leadership and Negotiation
4. Networking
5. Emotional Intelligence

This process is facilitated by industry leaders who will mentor these students.

Forms available here.